Friday, May 18, 2012



  1. Geisha Lips
  2. Multicolored hair
  3. Tan Skin

MODELS - Christine, Ceaaria & Nina

Geisha Lips are a fabulous trend which showcase a lip tone without having to place the lipstick on the whole lip. Chris showcases her lip with several colors, and blending.Nina chooses the traditional Geisha, a small, un-blended lip.Ceaaria colors most of her lip, but keeps some lip to still be classed in this trend.

TIPS : Use a skin colored tone to help blend the main color in to skin.
Wear with bold eyes and blush.

MODEL - Egle

Multicolored hair is great trend which makes your look seem more fruity and bright.
 Multicolored hair is hair with a natural color and bright colors - as well as dip dye.
Egle sports a juicy and up-lifting look. She uses zesty and aquatic tones to be entwined with the platinum hair. 

TIPS: Dip dye may be worn with almost anything, but be careful, Egle's look is hard to master.
Wear with simple but effective make-up and street style clothes.

MODELS : Ciara, Selena & Linda

Tan skin is the new Vampire white. Now that its summer, get your spray can out and get it on! This trend doesn't have many followers yet, so are you going to try it out? TIPS: Where with white to accent your summery glow. Wear with either brown or blonde hair for a more beachy look.

Love Lige.


  1. I love the post and I have to say that Egle's hair look so cute!

  2. I like the post, but 2 out of 3 of the trends listed are things those users have done for a while now..

    (Tanned skinned and geisha lips)

    While a trend means something recently liked and will prob' be gone sooner or later.

    But I have to say I love love love Egle's hair!

  3. where is the tanned skin? are you implying to the orange skin or the brown which is a natural color. you can't have a tan on stardoll retard.