Monday, May 7, 2012

What is the LE Project?

A few days ago I introduced to you a spoiler for the 'LE Project' and today I will explain to you the ins and outs of this idea which will soon become another outlet for TTT.


 Limited Edition has been going downhill for a while now. The first five colections were quite literally masterpieces. LE was all about creating expensive and luxury items for those well allotted with cash. Stardoll has become costume-like, with tacky pieces and colours. The quality has gone down a ton, and though the 11th collection was somewhat of a revival for the brand the 12th managed to dissapoint once again. The 13th had some nice pieces, admittedly, but lacked in structure. The colours were very childish and the double-piece dresses failed to impress. 
The original concept of the LE project was to create an LE store, mannequins, pricetags, store designs, clothes, the lot. So Stardoll could have more of an advanced insight into what we want from LE. We can moan and complain about Stardoll all we like, but unless we show them how to re-generate the brand then they will never improve.

I want you to send me in outfit ideas featuring clothing from some of the latest collections, maybe even designed by yourself. I can't tell you overly much at the moment, but this is what I can give thus far.

The next idea I had was to create a blog in which it would tell you pricing of many LE items. I see stardollians all the time selling items for either ridiculously high or stupidly low prices and alot of people are unsure of the rarity of alot of items. This concept will take a long time to build up due to the mass amount of LE items, but I hope to get started on pricing the first collection soon, and I of course will link you to the LE project blog where our wishes and pricing will be released. Thank you...


  1. I like the idea, even I do not collect, I have few pieces which I'd love to sell some day so it can be really useful. I suggest you also make wanted/for sale lists, so that you can connect people who want certain LE pieces to ones that can sell them.

  2. Sounds great :) I will make an entry for tomorrow :D

  3. I definitely like the idea, I think it's great!
    I'd make an outfit if I had time, but unfortunately I still have exams :(

  4. Thank you for the suggestion Milena! I will do that. :-)

  5. Such an amazing idea, Kim! Thanks for taking innitiotive-the last few seasons of LE were so bleh!


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  7. Who are you to 'price' LE items?