Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forever Chic Magazine Comeback Release

Forever Chic Magazine was once known as one of the best user-created Stardoll magazines out there!
Forever Chic MagazineWhen owner and founder, Nicole, "left" the Stardoll scene, the magazine fell and it was no longer producing issues.

Well, when the whole Chloe is Nicole thing arose, so did Forever chic. Nicole put production back in process and this most recent issue featured the owner of Today's Top Trends and Stardoll's Next Top Graphic designer, Kimberly.

The most recent issue features an array of graphics from Lindsey and Maria, Lilyqi, and Nicole.

The cover was the lesser appealing of all the graphics in the magazine.
 It seems boring and very bland with minimal text on the cover and a unflattering body shape. 
The hair is possibly my favorite part of the cover.

(Click the Cover to visit Forever Chic Magazine!)

Even though the cover wasn't very good, the rest of the graphics were STUNNING!

The interview with Kim featured her photo shoot which was created by Lindsey and starred very good graphics and fashionable outfits. 
I really love how Lindsey made this graphic. 
Up close, you can see the detail in her finger nails and the hair is very wild, but controlled.
This has to be my favorite graphic out of the whole magazine. It's very relaxed and relays peace, 
but also has that spunk and attitude graphic designers try to portray.
The magazine also features advertisements, which hasn't been seen since 
Recherche Magazine's first few issues.

Victory and Klaus newly created fragrance line
More portions of this issue:

So tell me what you think of this comeback issue of Forever Chic Magazine. 
Was it worth the long wait?


  1. Some of the poses look kinda awkward.

  2. I agree with what you said about the Cover, but I also agree about what you say about the rest. Then I really love this issue! :)

  3. I do think the graphics kinda look awkward, but this is a very good comeback issue. There are some improvements needed to reach that once high set standard, though.

  4. Thanks for the feature! :)
    btw, the cover was deliberately made minimalistic :)

  5. I like the Graphics. I think that aren't boring posing graphics.. there are good ideas !


  6. The magazine was good, some graphics weren't though :/

  7. It's ok overall, but imo not worth a Forever Chic issue.

  8. I love it, the graphics are gorgeous!