Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introducing... Top Commenters

With user participation on this blog dim, to put it lightly, I felt as though it was time to try and make this blog more active. Hense I have decided to introduce top commentators! Basically, the top commenter of every week will win 50 stardollars for the next eight weeks or so. Who knows, I might continue it on after the Summer period.

I dislike bribery and all things similar, though we really need to get participation on this blog UP so it can be a funner experience for everyone. Even if it's a simple comment, every single one counts!

This will be the course of top commentators competition, so to say, it may continue on past these dates:WEEK 1 - 21st of June until the 28th of June
WEEK 2 - 28th of June until the 5th of July
WEEK 3 - 12th of July until the 19th of July
and so forth...

Once I get this widget up and running we will begin.