Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July Hotbuys: Rainbow Deluxe

Stardoll have certainly stuck with the theme of bright colours with this months Hotbuys, with neon lime and pink prints everywhere. Although I'm not usually fond of the generic turquoise, pastel pink and purple combination that Stardoll seems to adore embedding in Hotbuys, I do like this month's picks. I get sick of the bright colours in months where they should be far more neutral...
For example I haven't really loved any of this year's hotbuys because Stardoll uses the same colours over and over again and for months like January, I'd much prefer navys, browns and blacks. Back to this months selection however... Starting off with the medoll.I would hate this any other month, but I find it so cute for the month of July. The pink hair and cheeky wink and smile are fun, and the green eye liner and bubblegum pink lipstick really make it pop.

Hotbuys Heart Dress - It Girls - Released 19th July;
The Heart Dress is one of those perfect Summer must have dresses. I adore the simplicity of the bottom of the dress with the heart shaped detailing in the top. The green belt is a very nice addition to this specific item because I feel as though it would have been boring without..What's up with the pretty much non existant shading on the top though? It just looks like a slight fade... 8/10.

Hotbuys Sunglasses - Spectacular - Released 9th July;
These are a nice simple black pair of glasses with a gorgeous pink embellishment on the side and that's all I have to say to be perfectly honest. Love them... 10/10.

Hotbuys Zebra Top - Rio - Released 6th July;
I adore this! It's bang on trend. I love the shape of this blouse type top in general, the print on it is so chic and I love the pink collar. I hate to say this because I don't like how the Cross is used as a fashion symbol now, but it does look mega stylish. This is a definite buy... 10/10.

Hotbuys Stilettos - Rio - Released 23rd July;
We've seen these  type of shoes so many times before, but I guess it's an improvement from them ugly big block shoes we've seen released recently. I'd prefer some neutral shoes, but for July I guess these are quite nice though I probably won't purchase... 7/10.

Hotbuys 70s Dress - Bonjour Bizou - Released 12th July;
I'm on the fence with this one. I really like the shape, the print and the colours but it really all depends on how it looks on my medoll. We don't usually see many dresses that look like this, so it's nice for a switch up once in a while, right? 7.5/10.

Hotbuys Square Necklace - Glam'rus - Released 14th July;
I guess it's a nice necklace. Jewellery doesn't always really jump out to me in Hotbuys. Stardoll seem to be releasing a lot of block type necklaces though. Once again I'm unsure. We'll see when it is released. 7/10.

Hotbuys Multi Bangles - Original Future - Released 29th July;
Multi coloured bangles, that's all there is too it really. They sort of look like an assortment of different coloured rubber bands. Nothing special... 6/10.

Hotbuys Splash Bag - Original Future - Released 2nd July;
I don't really like this, it's pretty tacky to be honest. I like the shape, but I would have prefered if the bag was black with golden studs or something. Once again, definitely not a stand out... 6/10.

Hotbuys Floral Shorts - Evil Panda - Released 16th July;
Okay, so they are called Floral shorts, but is it just me or do they look they have dart boards printed on them? It definitely doesn't look like florals to me. 5/10 for these dart shorts sadly.

Hotbuys Gradient Jacket - Pretty 'n Love - Released 26th July;
A GRADIENT BLAZER, OH MY! I absolutely adore blazers and all things chic style, and gradient is one of my favourite trends of the moment, so this really is my perfect combination. I just hope it fits well.. 10/10.

And that's this months Hotbuys for you! I quite like alot of them actually, although a few are quite weak. I will actually be away from the 5th until the 12th, so I won't be able to post when Hotbuys come out or if LE is released. Sorry for not posting LE Showdown Part 2, I'll get to that tommorow hopefully.


  1. Bangles and bag look both horrible! They look like free items... Anyway, like you, my favorite piece must be the blazer!
    But I don't really appreciate these Hotbuys of July...

  2. I don't really like many of these hotbuys, I will probably only buy the blazer and the blouse.

  3. I like most of the July HBs. :] I hope they aren't too expensive.

  4. love them, my faves are the zebra cross blouse and the dip dye blazer, It's from topshop and i've got it in real life :P

  5. I don't like the blazer it is so simple you could recreate it in the stardesign.

  6. I really like these hotbuys :)

    ~ bracken1234

  7. I don't like any of it but those shorts are horrible!

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