Sunday, June 24, 2012

LE Showdown

Instead of doing a regular through the seasons on Limited Edition, I thought I'd spruce things up a bit and do a best to worst showdown type post. Remember to comment!

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The 12th collection start us off, being named the worst ever LE collection. The pieces were costume like and the random pieces of furniture failed to impress. Many of the designs were lacklustre and looked as though they were pulled from a reject Stardoll store. The high points of this collection in my opinion are the amazing interiors (although I don't like it when the LE backdrop doesn't look like a shop) and the jackets. Mostly every item looked like a tacky halloween costume and though the quality was poor, it was still a pricey (And not that limited...) collection.

12th PLACE; Season 10

This 'Electro Lux' collection did not seem to impress many Stardollians either. The wonderful store backdrop was let down by the colourful and neon designs.

Not many items in this collection truly looked LE looking and alot of them weren't up to the quality standard LE usually fulfils.
The fishnet dress and bikinis were definite let downs in the collection, with quite a bit of the edition looking like some sort of Monster High reject outfits.

There was however a few pieces that I did like such as the leather jacket, which was the store standout in my opinion. What do you think of this electro collection?

11th PLACE:  Season 13

I've had, you could say, a love/hate relationship with this collection. When it first came out I though it was amazing, although like the 10th quite tacky, I still liked it. When it came round to the actual release I bought around 2000 stardollars worth of stuff. Now however, in retrospect I do heavily regret this. I think many items are pretty vile and the two-part items really weren't the best. The colour scheme was quite awful, however there is roughly about 10 items I do actually like. I must say though, I can't wait to get this semi-mess out the starplaza and swapped for a (hopefully ) stunning new collection.

10th PLACE: Season 9

This is a marmite type of collection in my opinion. The colour scheme was off putting to many avid LE buyers, though to others it totally made the collection. I know that many dislike the whole lip print trend and find it quite childish and I have to agree. Most items that had the lip print swatched over them were a pretty ugly bunch. However there was a few stunning items from this collection, like the dresses (and there was quite alot of them at that..) a few of the tops and the shoes. I am quite fond of this collection, and though the marking may seem quite harsh, compared to others it is quite weak.

9th PLACE: Season 8

This collection was very casual and was full of shorts, over knee socks and tees. Tartan prints took over and plaid was everywhere. This specific edition featured alot less dresses than previous collections had, but the ones it had were very chic yet laid back. The store had somewhat of a plaid forest theme which looked absolutely amazing. The only reason why this collection is as low as 9th is because I personally prefer the more glamorous LE collections with the show stopping dresses and studs and what not.

8th PLACE: Season 6

This was a very simplistic and cute spring collection with a few totally luscious items in there, but over all the shop was quite bland and there wasn't that much to offer. It was a very ready to wear collection and most items were made very well in the gaphics department. You can recognise a few rare items from this, such as the Paperbag skirt, Chanel coat and Faux leather bag. I for one really like this collection, but I know for a fact many other rate it as very mediocre.

What do you think?
Tune into part two tommorow!
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  1. Kudos to Kim!
    Amazing post, so much detail and effort put into this (sadly I'm not talking about the LE!)
    haha, can't wait for part 2! X

  2. I totally agree with Hollyoaksrocks* !
    And i agree with the places of the collections exept that I think that the worst edition was number 12 and not 13. :)


  3. I love this. I agree everything is just getting worse and worse. C'mon Stardoll!

  4. Some of the newest LE collection was worse that what I was expecting it to be. ;l

  5. ups sry i wanted to say number 10 ;)

  6. Great post and it is really true, I hate how all the old LE was like the best out of most of the designs, now it is just like they get rejected designs or just horrible designs.

  7. Lovely post Kim, I really appreciate the effort you put in everything you write.

  8. I really love 8th and 6th collection! Even though i agree with the post, but 8th and 6th are really good for me! :)

  9. The neon season was the worst definitely. Actually I don't find the 12th collection that bad, in fact it has some beautiful pieces and as you said the interiors are stunningly beautiful.