Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Diogaurdi Discovery

Diogaurdi, a well known luxury fashion house that hit Stardoll in 2010, is making it's comeback this Summer, headed by the fabulous Chris Grau and Manolo. Every fashion brand needs a face, right? What better than to host an amazing Summer competition in which YOU could become the face. Chris will be explaining the actual competition, and remember to apply in the comments.

So now I’ll give you all the information you need to participate in this fabulous competition, directly sent by Chris, Dioguardi’s co-owner. There will be 3 tasks which you’ll have to pass If you want to become Diogaurdi’s next face.

  • First Task. Starting with a maximum of 25 contestants, depending on the number of people who decide to join the race.
- In this task you have to create an impressive make up and outfit, at your Suite or If you like better at Starplaza, and preferably a Haute Couture one.

  • Second Task. There will be 10 competitors, the ones chosen from Task 1.
 - In this task you have to create a Fashion Show in one of your sceneries. Try to be as original as possible, creating an unique and glamurous runway and stylize your MeDoll exclusively!

  • Final Task. There will be 3 contestants, the finalists chosen between the Second Task competitors.
  - In this task you have to create a Fashion Editorial occupying two pages in your Album. Try to look for a comercial result, we want to see what’s your idea of a Fashion Campaign. Of course, make visible that the editorial is for Dioguardi.

*IMPORTANT: You’ll have 1 week to make your entry in each task, starting this Monday, 2nd of July. To submit your entries, there will be a created page here in TTT for each task. Don’t worry, you’ll be informed and you’ll see the entries pages clearly.

All the tasks, as well as the final result, will be judged by Kimberly, owner of TTT, Manolo and I. The winner won’t only get to be Dioguardi’s next season face, starring all the campaigns, ads and invites for the Brand, but also will get a money prize of 150 Stardollars! So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to be Dioguardi’s Next Top Face? Comment on this post with the following information:

  • Stardoll Username:
  • Real Name:
We want you to participate, so don’t miss this opportunity! The contestants will be announced in the next 2 days, on Monday. Thanks for your attention, and thanks Kimberly for letting this competition to take place in the wonderful TTT!


  1. Stardoll Username: Countrygurl102

    Real Name: Deckonti

  2. Stardoll Username: LoveGossip4life
    Real Name: Lindsey Le'Vogue

    Fabulous time to start the competition, I will finally be "home" or have moved to my new house by tomorrow, so I'll have more time to devote to the competition ;)

  3. Real Name: Eamonn Collins
    Stardoll Username: FashionnGirl.

  4. Stardoll Username: ALLYE99
    Real Name: Veronica Thela

  5. Stardoll Username: The1940s
    Real Name: Jenna Simonat

  6. Stardoll Username: EugenieS
    Real Name: Eugenie Duval

  7. Stardoll Username: Elite-girl
    Real Name: Linda

    Why not give it a shot? ;)

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  10. Stardoll Username: SashaVong
    Real Name: Lindsay

  11. stardoll Username: gkmktk
    real name: Elena Swarovski

  12. Stardoll Name: SchnuffiPups
    Real Name: Sheyla

  13. Stardoll Username: rachel.karina
    Real Name: Rachel Karina

  14. Real name: Erika
    Stardoll username: bluenigth

  15. I love the tasks idea for a model should not only pose but know the fashion industry as well!

    Stardoll Username: _StarHelen_
    Real Name: Helen(Spikova)

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  17. Real name: Cecilia Acosta
    Stardoll username: ..Cesi..

  18. Stardoll Username: StarMinimon
    Real Name: Camila Vidal

  19. I love this idea but I will most likely be on vacation for most or all of it, but I wish the contestants luck! I will be following with avid interest, Dioguardi Couture was the best of the best in fashion :)

  20. well i'm not the model type but this sounds fun :)

    stardoll username: lindamissanto

    Real Name:Cristal Yaret

  21. Stardoll Username: Flowerpin
    Real Name: Cayla

  22. Stardoll Username: Fiorama
    Real name: Tinsley Carmichael

  23. Stardoll Username: Hotgirl1501
    Real Name: Jennifer Benzman

  24. Stardoll Username: Laia_Fergusson_

    Real Name: Luis Sepúlveda

  25. Stardoll name : Emo-diva212
    Real name: Dino Lucart