Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Evolution of Hot Buys

Hot buys. Since about the year 2006, the Stardoll World introduced a new and revolutionary line of clothing that most certainly fulfilled its name. Carefully placed together in monthly segments, Stardoll has frequently released new hot buy items over the past years. However, over time have these hot buys lost their certain unique look? Although the graphics have improved from clothing to accessories of all kinds, the quality of these pieces have fallen quickly. 

Below are some more recently released hot buy pieces compared to a few older ones. Now on the left we have the May 2008 hot buys which contains both unique and individual pieces. However on the right, with the June 2012 hot buys, there seems to be some sort of a unified color scheme. Which collection do you find more lovely?
Now taking a glance at some of the individual items we can see a little bit of a difference in graphics. (But I happen to find the older hot buy more appealing visually...) The newer shirt just seems rather plain and easily reproducible. But the newer one certainly seems more spring-themed opposed to the May 2008 one.

Another noticeable change is the price! The new Hot Buys Techno Top now sells in the Starplaza for 17 stardollars in the store, Bizou. I was astonished to see that the elegant 2008 Hot Dress sold for only 6 stardollars originally in the Voile store! Do you think this extra 11 sd charge is worth it, or should Stardoll re-think all these "new and improved" changes? Comment Below!

♥Jillian Rebekah


  1. It looks like Stardoll just rushes on the graphics now days. I miss the old hot buys!

  2. I like the old hotbuys. I haven't liked any of this year's hotbuys.

  3. The price has gone up so much for the hotbuys and some of the new hotbuys look like the old hbs :/