Friday, June 8, 2012

The Starcoin Trick

People always seem to be more inclined to buy something if it is in starcoins, but when thoroughly thinking about it, are starcoins really that cheap?

Eight stardollars sounds so much more expensive than that of 80 or so starcoins. I'm not saying Stardoll are trying to fool us, but the whole starcoin thing seems very tactical. Even though Stardoll prices are ever rising, fifteen stardollars does not sound cheap for a regular stardoll brand item, right? Though, when you click on an item that says 150 starcoins, it just sounds so much more affordable.

Don't be fooled by something that's in starcoins as just because it is in that Stardoll currency, doesn't actually mean it is cheap/reasonably priced.

*Sorry for the short post, I'm working on a few things that take a bit of time, as well as the LE project, stay tuned for them. The post I've been doing should be up soon enough.*


  1. SO TRUE! That's happened to me SO MANY TIMES! I was like...ooh only 200 starcoins! Good deal! Then I was like....facepalm. haha

  2. I wonder when stardoll will release a new DKNY collection :/