Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Tribute Roundup

Stardoll are getting back into the swing of releasing their numerous yearly tribute stores once again. Chanel started off this years chain of collections, followed closely by Anna Sui and  more recently Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoes designer that I doubt many have geniunely heard of.

Chanel took the plunge this year, being the first tribute of 2012 to be released.

The collection seemed to impress most Stardoll users. Although the store actually lacked in some Chanel looking pieces, that the first season boasted, it was a very sweet and desirable collection. None of Chanel's luxury bags anyway? A slight dissapoint so to say, but the stunning jackets, dresses and the Coco purse.

The next collection to be released was Anna Sui. Many told their excitement for the arrival of this tribute, and from some of the gorgeous real life designs, I wasn't surprised. Though when the collection came, everyone couldn't help but to be slightly dissapointed. The tacky re-coloured barn looking designs looked as though they were made by graphic designers whom fell half alseep. Personally, I liked about five items out of the whole collection, which isn't good.

YUCK! What is with that ad anyway? Stardoll clearly have forgotten how to properly shade dolls... And what's up with that far left medoll? Er.. whatever you think looks good Stardoll, whatever you think looks good.

Moving swiftly on, Nicholas Kirkwood was released earlier today, many thinking the shop would have been just shoes. The shoes were utterly gorgeous to say the least... When the shoes popped up in spoilers, many thought a new collection of Limited  Edition was on it's way. Just look at that ad though, so beautiful! Very well designed... simple but effective. As you can see just from this ad, the shoes look amazing, and this poster of the tribute really makes me think back to the good old Stardoll days, when Stardoll put effort into everything they done. I for one know love Nicholas Kirkwood's shoes!

The clothes however, less on point with fashion but still graphically designed to pretty well. Clearly tons more effort than Anna Sui, to put it simply. I however loved pretty much everything in the store and was tempted to buy it all, although I didn't, I still spent a grand 310 stardollars in the store. This is what you call a nice tribute.

I'm super excited for the new upcoming tributes. Personally I'm hoping for the following, (listen up Stardoll)... Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Louis Vuittion Luggage, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Chloé and another Herve Leger would be nice. Any of those Stardoll, take your pick. ;)


  1. Amazing post! I love the Nicholas Kirkwood tribute, and I also find the Chanel tribute amazing! I would love to see a Prada tribute as well. Anna Sui tribute was a major dissapointment, I only bought one thing from the entire store!

  2. I would love Louis Vuittion Luggage! That would be amazing.

    (And putting the comments into a pop-up screen would be nice.)

  3. I agree, Anna sui seemed to be lazily done. Didn't like it much. But Chanel and especially Nicholas Kirkwood definitely hit it out of the park. I believe I bought all the shoes, a feat i have never done, and I am not regretting it.

  4. The new tribute store sucked the only thing good was some of the shoes.