Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 years... The V is for Versace

It's been 15 years, since Gianni Versace has been killed in his Miami villa and all I can say is that Donatella is doing an amazing job.

Froms, materials, colors... Gianni is attached to every detail of his work. It's in 1978 that he decides to rule the world with a Fashion Line. He makes it really well that many stores open around the world. The feminine and male lines he creates with so many elegance, dropping trends with a touch of originality make Gianni Versace goes always higher. Accessories are launched as well as fragrances, which put the brand to a whole other level. It's in 1992 that he first shows to the world Versace Atelier, the Haute Couture line of Gianni Versace.
During all these years Gianni Versace became a real Icon, expanding and creating so many things of this Versace empire. He won so many awards, while Donatella was designing Versus. His true and kind relation with her sister were just as a good as their work.

But, today... now being 15 years, Donatella took it as her own and god knows how well she rules it. Gianni worked 19 years for his own brand before being killed and now her sister is working for it since 15 years.

To me, Versace means so many things in Fashion. Plus, Donatella must be a Muse to me just as she was for his brother. I saw various TV emissions in which she was featured and she's really an incredible woman for me, you know what I mean.
Today in Stardoll I am wearing Versace, from LE 9th collection. But there are several other items that were inspired by Versace all over the starplaza stores... just look at this:

Seen On Stardoll is surely the best place to see that.



  1. I love the part in the song "Fashionista" where it goes, "God I miss Gianni."

  2. I Like Versace but i got no versace clothes >.<