Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Could They Be The Same Person?

Now, normally I'm not one to make accusations without enough facts, but this time, I feel almost positive that two different users are in fact, the same person... now who could those people be? Lets get the facts strait.

On the left, we have owner of Obscure/Elle/Limitless/Who-the-Hell-Knows-What-Else magazines. She goes by the name of Alex Holmes, aka, Conectt3.

On the right, we have the owner of Fashion/Elle/Fame/Chanel/Cannot-Make-Up-Her-Mind magazines. She goes by the name of Julie Carol, aka, Doggy_Starpuppy.

Not only do both girls have similar styles, but almost identical profiles, not to mention similar graphic styles, and both seem like they can't make up their mind on what to call their multiple magazines. Lets not forget they've both appeared into the dollywood scene mysteriously, and almost at the same time... and when I say same time, its creepy.

While it may appear this is the same print screen, its not (first clue is they have different file names, and if you visit both users, you'll see the same results). Both joined on the same day in 2009, and both girls were seen online last three hours ago (from the printscreens). That's not all though.

These are both directly found off both presentations. While the facts are different, the presentation style is merely the same. They state their names, simple facts, and then share a list of their never-ending project lists.

I'm sorry, but this is just a dead giveaway. Conectt3's facts are the ones on top, and Doggy_Starpuppy's facts are the ones on the bottom. They are very similar, with various different answers. Don't you find it strange that they say they both look like Kiera Knightly, have the same interests in celebritites, music, dream jobs, and tv shows? Strange, right?

I might be less convinced they were the same person if they didn't put that they were each other's BFF, but seriously, this is strange. Also, both girls aren't afraid of advertising their multiple magazines by creating multiple clubs.

This is just the base of their stardoll users. Not only are they similar through dolls, also the fact that they have waaaaayyyy too many magazines, and their graphic styles are almost identical. Lets take a look, shall we?

First of all, these are just one of each girl's magazines. If I'm correct, they both own three magazines each or so. If in fact Conectt3 and Doggy_Starpuppy are the same person, then she has 6 magazines to write, create and publish each month! Does that say crazy, or what? Y'know, I'm starting to think this girl (or girls), have the tendency to not being able to make up their mind.

Also, what's strange is that they both urged the courage to make a magazine called Elle? Its not a very original name, so I'll give props to not wanting to take hours to come up with a name, but seriously? Not only do they have similar taste in names, but the graphic style in general is very close. The hair style could only be created by one person, since everyone has a different style graphic-wise. Even using the same technique, the outcome is very different. But these two girls? They have a style that could only be created by on person, and by one person only. Not only similar style in graphics, but they have a tendency to make the body and face different shades of color.

Both Conectt3 and Doggy_Starpuppy have that strange name as their blogger profile, and even admit they live in the same place. And I wasn't kidding about their endless list of projects, as you can see.

And its not just me who thinks they are the same person. New to the dollywood scene is an anonymous who goes by the name GD-reviews accuses "one" of the two girls of thinking they are both the same person. Conectt3 quickly denies it, but do I believe it? No, absolutely not.

Could they both in fact be the same person? I'm starting to wonder if these/this girl(s) want to be exposed like this to get some attention. Could they in fact be two people, perhaps friends or sisters? We'll just have to wait and see what happens next.


  1. I was thinking the same thing about a week ago, but I didn't take time to REALLY look at it. I think you're right. Even though I have three accounts, all the details are different. Different looks, presentations, facts, etc. But this is a bit ridiculous...everything's the same:P

  2. Haven't you posted this article before?