Tuesday, July 3, 2012


After 3 days of application, we have chosen the 20 contestants to enter the First Task of Dioguardi’s Next Top Face. Thank you to everyone who applied, but here we have the 20 lucky dolls:


As announced in the previous post, what you have to do in this task is pretty simple. Create a Haute Couture outfit at your Suite, or If you prefer at Starplaza’s dressing room. Take your time and try to get the best result, we want to see astonishing entries. If you focused your outfit in a certain theme, that would be great! You have 1 week to complete the task. Submit your entries in a comment at this page, filling the next information:

·       Stardoll Username:
·       Real Name:

If you want, you can also write a few lines about what your creation is inspired in and what feeling you wanted to generate.

*Contestants who don’t complete the task in 1 week will be automatically disqualified.

Only 10 of you will make it to the next round, so try your BEST! Stay tuned to Today’s Top Trends to get information about how Dioguardi’s Next Top Face is going. Good luck y’all, Chris Grau.


  1. I feel hesitant to post mine so early. xD Thanks for choosing me! :)

    Stardoll Username: Flowerpin
    Real Name: Cayla

    Entry: http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i361/Cayla2015/diogaurdi1.png

  2. oh! And also, my inspiration was more of an 'earth tone' theme.

  3. Thanks for the quick entry. For the next ones, please put the outfit inspiration in the same comment.

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  5. Username: lindamissanto

    Real Name: Cristal

    Entry: http://i47.tinypic.com/2u5e780.jpg

    thank's for the oportunity :) i had fun making the entry. Good luck to all!!! ♥

  6. Oh, what a wonderful surprise! Once wifi has been installed @ my new house, I will work on my new entry.

  7. Stardoll Username: Fiorama
    Real Name: Tinsley Carmichael
    Entry: http://tinypic.com/r/6jh6oo/6

    I was inspired mainly by the wings, and was determined to make a sort of dark princess look, if you will. I didn't want to look like the 'mainstream' black lipstick, black dress, gothic hair style, so I chose white lace skirts, and a brassiere/frame top. I felt the pearls added elegance, and my choker added a dark princess side. I used silvery lipstick, and pearl encrusted false lashes to add more shine.

  8. Stardoll Username: Hotgirl1501
    Real Name: Jennifer

    When I first looked at one of Dioguardi's fashion shows I stood aghast wondering how could someone be so artistic and unique. Almost immediately my mind went back to the first time I looked at a dress by Alexander McQueen. In both this memories I can say that I didn't know much about neither of the designers of such beautiful things but I remember thinking how lucky those models were because they had pieces of art so close to their bodies. This task made me think about this memories and I decided to dedicate my outfit to who, in my heart, was the most inspirational artist of out era.Our beloved Alexander McQueen.

  9. Stardoll Username: _StarHelen_
    Real Name: Helen(Spikova)

    Outfit: imm.io/v2PB

    My inspiration was ancient Greece as I have a room in my suite which features a balcony in a greek island. I also added gold to give it a bit of luxury. The odd thing is that without the accessories my gown looks like Elie Saab creations but with them like Atelier Versace!

    Thanks for choosing me!

  10. name:erika
    thanks for the opportunity:)

  11. Username: LoveGossip4life
    Real Name: Lindsey Le'Vogue

    ENTRY: http://i.imgur.com/dqEoM.png

    I was inspired by my all time guilty pleasure (fashion-wise) asymmetric dresses. Why not create a haute outfit resembling asymmetrical dresses? I was quite thrilled with the outcomes, and I hope you are too to put me through to the next round.

  12. Thanks for choosing me!

    Real Name: Camila
    Username: StarMinimon

    Basically i got inspired from pink colors with a combination of strong pink and low pink but my biggest inspiration were pink flowers and for some reason the end the dress i reflected it with cotton candy and soft waves.

  13. Stardoll Username: Elite-girl
    Real Name: Linda

    Entry: http://i.imgur.com/yQVan.png

    When I made this outfit I was inspired by the silhouette of a Pucci gown Beyonce wore to the Met Gala a few years back. I fell in love with the dress and I wore a red lip with red hair to complement the hot buy earrings inspired by Danielle Scutt.

  14. Stardoll name: gkmktk
    real name: Elena

    this is the link to my outfit: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2wnbart&s=6

    The inspiration for this outfit came from the first haute couture collection by MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, I also tried to use materials that are typical for haute couture. Diamonds,perls, silk and embroidery.

  15. Stardoll Username: Emo-Diva212
    · Real Name: Dino


    My look is inspired by greek goddess Athena. The goddess of wisdom, inspiration, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

  16. Hello hello hello :D

    First of all, thanks ;) I'm really glad for this competition :D

    Stardoll Username: Laia_Fergusson_
    Real Name: Luis

    Entry: oi50.tinypic.com/3463ibt.jpg

    I did a swimsuit, thinking on summer, exotic prints, gold, glitter & nice details :D

  17. Stardoll Username: EugenieS
    Real Name: Eugenie

    Entry: http://i47.tinypic.com/xf9bwo.png (outfit)
    http://i48.tinypic.com/wvqpt4.png (makeup)

    Theme: my main inspiration for the outfit was the book In the shadow of young girls in flower.
    I wanted to modernize its bucolic and romantic aspect.
    As for the makeup, the eyes were the most important part, they needed to stand out since my outfit was pretty neutral.

  18. Username: Countrygurl102
    Real Name: Deckonti

    Outfit; i.imgur.com/VDRaW.png

    My outfit was inspired by the dark darkside of haute couture. This is a change of pace for me because I'm normally never dressed like this. Juat bustin out of the comfort zone (:

  19. Username: ALLYE99
    Real Name: Veronica Thela
    Entry: i47.tinypic.com/2v1na7r.png
    My outfit was inspired by a wave in the ocean as it crests and falls, fading back into the main water.

  20. Stardoll Username: FashionnGirl.
    Real Name: Eamonn Collins

    Creation's URL: http://imgur.com/iNH2u
    Creation's Inspiration: The inspiration for this look came from the fashion sense from the 1920's. I really wanted this look to fit in with the horse racing the woman wear, with the big hats and those huge skirts, but I kept the colors very minimal.