Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Wouldn't Exactly Call That A "Deal"

It wasn't until reccently that I've realized that I haven't posted on Today's Top Trends for a while. When your lacking fun in the summer months, you find yourself crawling back to stardoll, and tend to stay there for hours at a time. Enough with my random babbling, the real reason I made this post was to explain why the "Olympic Pass" isn't quite a deal. Throughout the post, you'll also learn regular stardollar/superstar purchases aren't great deals either.

Lets take a look at what stardoll's offering us this time around...

While the details look good and all, none of the stardoll offers are worth it. Starting off with the stardollar/starcoin portion of the offer. 200 stardollars can buy quite a lot, plus 300 starcoins is pretty good too. Lets convert the starcoins into stardollars...

300 starcoins equals 30 stardollars, and adding that onto the other 200 stardollars stardoll promises us, the grand total is 230 stardollars to spend on whatever you'd like. The catch? You are only superstar for one month. The last time I topped up on superstar membership, I remember getting more stardollars than that. How much is one month of superstar worth in stardollars?

Only 30 more stardollars on the Olympic Pass? Maybe its just my personal thought, but that isn't quite a deal. I can easily make that much by selling something in the starbazaar, what's the big deal? If you were to top up on stardollars, this is how much you'd get:

Not only is the Olympic Pass a rip off, but the amount of stardollars you get for a certain price (US Currency) is unbelievable. Think about it, only one dollar more, and you get a month of superstar. Buying more superstar is more reasonable in my opinion than topping up on stardollars. Has Stardoll been calling these "deals" for nothing?

Finally, the Olympic Pass promises seven exclusive gifts, but are they really that exclusive? Lets take a look at what stardoll promises us with the pass:

What the heck? What is with the number "12" on the dress on the right? I'm sorry, but these clothes look like something I could find at a Kmart or even Target. Soon enough, these "Limited Items" will be available in the starbazaar, and those dying to get rid of them in exchange for some much needed cash will sell the items for cheap. Who are you fooling now Stardoll?

So, all in all, I'd say this isn't exacly a "deal," but of course, that's just one opinion. Let me know your personal thoughts about the Olympic Pass in comments.

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