Sunday, July 15, 2012


Stardoll was a website that was originally created to allow the user to dress up famous celebrities and role models from around the world. There was clearly quite a large gap in the market at that time, but Stardoll quickly filled this, clocking up more and more members daily. Back then there was no beauty parlour, starplaza, clubs.. Not a single medoll to be seen. The main and only aspect of 'Paperdoll Heaven' was solely for dressing up dolls.

But has Stardoll lost it's first actual purpose?... Does anyone actually bother with dress up dolls anymore? Because Stardoll certainly doesnt.

The quality of dolls on Stardoll now are very low in most cases, with simplistic shading on the clothes, and the same body shading, with different skin tone shades used for each doll. Not to mention the fact that most dolls are totally unheard of. Although there may be alot of dolls, I can still certainly see some famous people right now that are lacking dolls.

I know that Stardoll obviously have so many more priorities now, but as they are such a wealthy company and business can't they afford to put more effort into dolls with some graphic designers?

Obviously, when Paperdoll Heaven first came out, the quality was extremely weak, but that was fine, because in all fairness it was only 2004 and the site was just starting up. But in further years Stardoll developed their graphic skills and began making some beautiful dolls with top notch effort put into all of them.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the older dolls...

How gorgeous! There is tons of shading on the face and hair and it is clear there was a huge amount of effort put in... And the dolls that are released today?

First off I have no idea who this person actually is. Don't get me wrong I'm sure she is known by many, but I for one am clueless. Secondly, they have literally drawn the face then left it. There is no true shading efforts..That hair? Don't get me started.

What do you think? Next time.. Sceneries.

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  1. the dolls are so crap nowadays i don't even play with them anymore stardoll stopped putting effort in a long time ago