Saturday, July 7, 2012



So, now, let's talk about the Louis Vuitton woman. 

The Louis Vuitton woman is a cinema lover, she likes the big scenes and be seen! In all ways, she loves to be eccentric and elegant.
She often travels, and whenever she does it, she likes having her personal luggage carrier near to her. As she travels a lot her eyes are a proof that she's tired as much as she change the city, so she puts her sunglasses. Even, when it's getting to cold, her hat is her best friend because it also makes her look taller and her heels aren't enough is some cases.
Between the fluo fur, ostrich leather carry case, croco with Swarovski, oversized tote with iridescent monogram, micro bags, and so many other things... She's sometimes lost. But between all of that, she actually keep the same silhouette. 
Then, on her sophisticated period, she wears leather patchworks, mosaic, tweeds and embroidery.

More than just a fashion show. Marc Jacobs succeeds on making us travel and dreaming in a cinema way! Back to a great period, the silhouette is in bell with few layers. All I would say is that is maybe too much, even if the collection is wonderful, it keeps being maybe too much inspirations. It's like 150 years of the line in one collection. Not saying it's bad nor good, it's just getting a lot and sometimes it can confuse the woman who wants to ear LV today, as she could be realizing it's not that Ready-To-Wear. But I LOVE Louis Vuitton, and the collection is way bigger than expected so my eyes keep shinning!

So, what do you guys think about that collection?



  1. In the spoiler, the male model looks kinda short. But I love the print on the side of the female model's outfit:) Looking forward to the release!

  2. @ Kasey, yeah, well I see what you mean... :)

    @justineann, Awh, thanks it means a lot :)

  3. Great post, the hats on the models are intresting but great graphics

  4. The male model doesn't look like he's wearing pants.

  5. The male model doesn't look like he's wearing pants.

  6. Great post!

    I've seen the Vuitton Show on Youtube. The show with the train was great and the outfits and the hat are lovely! I especially liked the shoes *_*

    Oh and the V&K spoiler is lovely :)

  7. Great post! The graphics for V&K Looks sorta off, But it's still a good graphic :D

  8. I like the shapes but some of the prints are tacky and I've never been a fan of orange color.

    I agree with Kasey about the male model but I adore the female one!

  9. Thank you all for your comments, I have to say that even if it's too much, Louis Vuitton gotta be my favorite brand out of the 3.