Sunday, July 8, 2012


So, now let's close this series of posts by talking about the most famous french brand ever... It's on our list, everyone wants a Chanel bag, such as everyone loves Chanel, right?

The Chanel woman, is very nature, she likes minerals and she surely enjoy classic colors, such as she always wore in her all life because of her mother who were already really classic. Chanel is here since so much time, that it's in her family.

She can also be called futuristic as she creates new volumes on her sleeves, uses some geometric forms and wears some cosmic jewelry on her eyebrows. Tweeds, silver coats, and metals also show her robot aspect of her futuristic idea of life.
Very urban, sometimes sportswear or even casual wear, she's more a woman that enjoys to be out and show her clothes.
One of her big news today, is to wear pants under her skirt. Now it's official, the trend is in for her and she'll wear it all the season till Karl say something else.

It's good to see this futuristic part of Chanel, the references are all really well worked out to show us an incredible collection. I'm kind of speechless in front of all these amazing pieces of Ready-To-Wear, I truly believe Karl made an amazing choice on the tissues and layers and of course it's now synonym of new things. Instead of making collections that wear just classics and formal, but still making fashion, Karl is now inventing new silhouettes and so create fashion.

So what do you think about this collection?



  1. I really love all of the clothes sure i wouldnt wear them everyday but still i love them , great work :)

  2. @ Mandylou4, thanks for commenting all my posts nicely, I'm glad to see someone enjoy them! :)

  3. Great post. I could see my self or anyone I know wearing any of the clothes unless it was the simple black pants.

  4. I think that this season's collection was quite a dissapointment. The clothes are pretty much ugly to me and I wonder what happened to our beloved Karl that designed to many masterpieces of clothing! Great post, keep it up :)

  5. Thanks for all the comments, to be honest Helen, I think Karl makes things that we now are sure he'll make... He's not really surprising us, so maybe people do feel he's just no surprising and some others think he's loosing creativity.
    I'd say I"m apart of people who say he's not surprising us anymore, but still, we're not working for Chanel, so I still feel amazed by all this collection!

    Chanel <3