Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Paris Trip to the Fashion Week

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Now coming to my point, it's Fashion Week at Paris, and while Dior wants to turn the page of John Galliano, Louis Vuitton just make a comeback to the past with a real locomotive at the Louvre, and without forgetting the Karl Lagerfeld touch at Chanel. In this post I'll be studying the silhouettes, the references and let you know about the future Fall/Winter 2012-2013 trends, and what will be in fashion there. Please see it a bit like a tv documentary, I'll pop up with pictures that you should have in mind while I'm talking about something so you can better understand and see most of the show!


So the Dior Couture woman is fully integrated in the 21rst century. She sometimes likes to be unseen by the crowd
wearing a simple black blazer and pants of the same color to just be perfectly class. But the Dior Couture woman is visionary, she turns the famous jacket into a coat that she enjoys in glamorous red.
'Paradox' is a word that she loves, even wearing a long dress, she shows us everything about her body
But still, it's important to her to have ball gowns. And she's now happy to get new ones! A waisted size, grey chic, contemporary aura are most part of the Dior Couture woman vocabulary.

After all, she's a taking risk woman. If it's not the neo-length of the dress that is new, it's the new kind of jumpsuit she's wearing.
Pockets make her put her hands in it, and walk unworried and relaxed. The organza just sublime opened add the touch of uniqueness she's keen on to make her look like a Dior woman.

Raf Simons knows well the Dior codes, and got them right on this collection. The outfits were accessorized in a minimalistic way, which let people see more into the clothes itself. With all of that, the silhouettes are really waisted size but for then look like a gown at the hips. The tissues are really specifics from Dior and just show their harmony by simply using them quite every time.
It's a good collection, that I'd call versatile, but that comeback of what make us recognize Dior from the others and is using today techniques to achieve in their ideas of the evolution of the Dior woman.

Then, I hope you enjoyed this post, it's quite risky and unseen to make such a post. But I got inspired... So please tell me if you like it, and say what you think about this Dior collection?

Be right back with episode 2, Louis Vuitton...



  1. I like the dresses in the fourth picture and the sixth picture.

  2. I LOVE this post! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And I love the "Paradox" part, oh wow brilliantly written description and spot-on! :)

  3. Oh, really honey? Well, it means a lot that such a talented writer like you say that to me! :)
    I'm so glad you like it!

  4. Although Dior seems to have lost it's feminime breeze in this collection you can still find some of it in the adrogynous looks, if you look carefully. Great post as always!