Wednesday, August 8, 2012

B*tch stole my look!

Hey guys, It's Khol here.

Today I am bringing you 2 stardoll users wearing the same item of clothing, but the question is.. Who wore it better?

So the item we are featuring is...

And the girls wearing it...

Princess_Kiara1 (Nika)                RockinEllee (Elle)

The real question is... Who wore it better?

Vote now!


  1. I prefer Elle's outfit. It's more close to my style but I have to admit that Nika matched it well with those Litas too :)

  2. They wear it well both. But I think Elle is wearing it a bit better, it looks and fit better with her style, also because it looks pretty more girly while Nika's not that kind of girl! :P
    So, I voted Elle ;)

  3. I also love Nika's hair! And the title you chose,Khol ;)

  4. I voted for Nika bcuz i think her outfit is more original and unique.

  5. i do like nika's outfit, but the tights throw me off, so i had to go with elle tbh

  6. Both outfits are cute, but Elle's looks more put together so I vote for her.

  7. I think both of these girls did a fantastic job of making their doll unique. But I like Elle's only because it's more of my style than Nika's