Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hype Magazine's Return

Hey everyone!
Hype is soon to release its second issue.
The first issue, though lacking in high quality graphics, was well-written, organized well, and had an over-abundance of fashion trends.  She brought back the old Stardoll magazines by focusing on the text rather than the graphics. so many magazines rely on the images more than the actual words, so it was refreshing.

The promising spoiler give hints to an Aztec pattern feature, which is a popular fashion trend right now. The colors seem mute and calm, which can be difficult when working with a fashion magazine.
What are you opinions on the spoiler and upcoming issue?
Comment below on your feelings towards the past issue!



  1. Ahh didn't know I'd be a model! Yay and super excited to see the magazine! :D

  2. I didnt notice Hype was even gone.. anyway its one of my favorite stardoll magazines'

  3. Hype is one of my favorite magazines,and the spoiler looks great♥