Friday, August 31, 2012


The Starplaza has been in need of desperate refurbishment for many months now. Stores gathering up numerous floors with different mismatching collections plastered on each. With Stardoll's failure to update older schools and not bring out any new exciting ones, I've taken it into on own hands to make a, somewhat fake, Starplaza makeover.


Both Eco Design and Sea of Stars have had their fair share of time in the Starplaza and are only destined for removal. The whole Sea of the Stars phase is over and Eco Design should definitely have only been a limited period store. Windows of the World, although a store that doesn't need to go, does need to be thoroughly cleaned out as it has gathered up around 18 floors. I strongly dislike Original Future, the designs are boring and effortless, and definitely not the 'Original Future' I'd be thinking of. I definitely prefered Folk, what's up Stardoll?


  1. Need help with your graphics, or still a beginner?

    Don't worry! Just head over to:

    ..where you can find graphic tutorials to help you on your way! :)

    HelpfulStardoll xoxo

    Credit: And the Medoll Of The Month is... | Stardoll Free

  2. I kinda like Windows on the World though. It should justbe updated with new floors...

  3. I agree with these, Original Future is one of those stores that's supposed to be "punky" but really it's just trashy. And I like WoW a lot but it does have too many floors.

  4. I couldn't agree more. I think they should work on graphics, because lately clothes is looking quite miserable. I would really love to be excited again as I was when Elle store was in Starplaza. Good old memories :)

  5. I totally agree! I hate the 4 stores. Stardoll update more times..