Tuesday, October 16, 2012


After several months on hiatus I've decided to bring forward the returnal of the blog. Throughout the months of 2012 this blog has been diminishing ever so slowly. I did fail as an owner, failing to hire new writers and feeling bad about deleting people off the blog however I have come to my senses and finally hired new writers, thought of new ideas, competition ideas (Yes, the winners from the Summer Competition will still recieve their prizes once they are announced) and a a general new look.
TTT has been a blog of many looks, but has always failed to have that 'fashion look'. I can never stay happy with a blog look, but this timeless, black and white look should keep me happy for a while at least. I've also added a tab to the blog to make navigation easier, which allows you to search through all the labels of previous posts. Writers banners will be up soon revealing the final list of new writers and posts will begin to be published.

I want to get this blog back to it's original state, a fresh fashion blog with updates from real life and from the Stardoll social scene. The new writers are unkown, not just well known users who I've scouted up to write for this blog, but users who show real potentional, known or not.

Let's take a stroll through memory line, let's put a twist on this blogs future.
It will be great, Today's Top Trends, and today's trend is TTTs returnal.


  1. Okay, I'm glad I'm still a writer. I should apologize for not posting and being loyal to such an awesome blog as TTT. I look forward to the return of TTT!