Monday, December 24, 2012

Gift Guide, For Her

It's Christmas Eve and there is only one sleep to go the mighty day, so what are the perfect gifts for her? Read on to find out my four top fashion picks for this Christmas, including party shoes, every fashion lover's dream purse, those essential woolen knits and some fashionable reading material.

1. The Perfect Party Shoes
That day might not be suited to the shoes but in preparation for the festivities coming up, such as new year parties and the such, these gorgeous Louboutins certainly wouldn't go a miss. (Find a cheaper version of these luxurious shoes at, with prices around £35)

2. The Purse To Die For
A Chanel purse is every fashion lovers dream bag, or one of them at least, and this trendy mint coloured purse doesn't fall short of exceeding beauty. (You can find a similar style at, priced at roughly £67 and available in many colours)

3. Fashionable Reading Material
Whether it be books or magazine, these items make great presents and are certain to keep the recipient occupied for hours on end. The Hunger Games is a popular series as well as old favourites such as Twilight and Harry Potter. Some older material is not hard to find however, and fashion magazines are never on shortage.

4. Woolen Wonderland
Keep warm and cosy this Winter with cute knitted beanies, wam gloves and a stylish coat. There are thousands all over the web and stores, so take your pick on your winter essentials. The bobbled beanie on Rihanna as seen below.

There are many other things this Christmas, but these are just a few of my, mostly, fashion related gift ideas for this Christmas. Stay tuned for more posts.

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