Monday, January 28, 2013

Cute Or Just Downright Creepy?

WARNING: Contains sexual reference, not advised for those who have yet to learn about sexual education... Or who still want to remain human after this post.

After getting a lovely guestbook comment from Sydnei (DesignerSecrets), I decided to pay her a visit. And boy, a visit it was.

I've seen fan pages before, but never one on stardoll. Being the nosy person I am, I decided to do a quick copy and paste.

It certainly was not hidden that the creator behind the blog is pretty much... obsessed with Christina (jelinna). Not only is the blog filled with about half a million hearts and colors of love, but may I say I was almost on the verge of having a heart attack when having a look at the posts.

Right off the bat, in bright flashes of pinks and reds, the title is not short of obsession. I mean, Our God Jelinna? She's not even half of a god. If I do remember correctly if I paid any attention to religion, that most people see god as a creature of worship and honor, who doesn't mark a sin on a pretty portrait. If anything Christina has done, its nothing short of a fame, gold digging whore (and those who are offended, I apologize).

At first, I'll admit, was jealous of Christina along with the other batch of hopefuls, but as soon as I had a few chats with her, you could see strait through her. Not only is she a liar (if you hadn't heard about the scandal she caused involving Vogue Modeling House, check out here and here.), but indirectly through a scam that takes away the last of your pretty pennies. Even Christina mentioned that she does not force dolls to purchase a contract with the agency, but when you have a chance to actually be featured in Vogue Magazine, who could pass up the chance to get into her legendary clique? If your thinking Christina is a role model, think again.

Back on topic, however.

As I entered the world of lovers and getting down dirty in Christina's pants (oh god, that just opened up a world of opportunities-- something I would not want to live in), I only added more and more items on my list to joke about regarding that blog... which you'll see plenty of this in the upcoming statements.

And if you don't believe how obsessed the owner of the blog is, just take a whiff of the blog banner. Already there's a dozen of raining hearts cramming my already small pixel space, but I'm almost creeped out, actually. Referring to my previous statement, I'm starting to wonder if this person is proudly walking around begging to have sex with Christina (Ok, with that said, if you are under 13, I advice you to have a parental figure around you at all times while reading this. It may get even dirtier).

The graphic was partially made by Christina, however I'm assuming the admin whipped around the body parts to create a not-so original graphic. Pffff...

Then I scrolled down a few pixels, and was welcomed by an even more worry some post. Take a look for yourself here.

First, with exhibit A: Aw, I'm so sorry you are so empty! If only you had a life, and not some virtual piece of shit (:O) you wouldn't feel so glum right now.

And secondly, to exhibit B. Don't you know other people (besides you), have a life? And quite frankly, not logging in for the past five hours is nothing. I've seen people's last log in was over a month ago. And your freaking worried that a person's not online for five hours?

Exhibit C. I think instead of "we," I mean you. I don't have a special place for anyone in my heart except for my real, not pixelated, family. And, to be fair, I think if you keep on freaking about someone not logging in for five hours will ruin your future, will pretty much tear the final thread if Christina's not seen online for over a day. To be frank, I wouldn't be surprised if your family found your neck wrapped in a rope dangling from the ceiling.

And to the final part. I think if there was no Jelinna, our lives would pretty much be the same... oops, except for you. Get over the fact that you have no control over your vagina (or penis, depending on which gender you are...), and can't virtually do it with someone.

If that doesn't explain how overly mentally ill this person is, take another look at the second posting, which you can also read here.

Each question seems to only have one answer... was that a typo? By this rate, I'd say not. Don't you think other people would have another selection other than all things Christina?

And finally, to pull the final straw out of the hat, the admin posted others people oppinion on Christina which pretty much made me piss my pants.

The first part didn't have any juicy gossip, but what "jelinna-our-god" wanted to hear. I personally have a grudge against all the people who agreed with her. All in all, it is creepy-- which answers the question on the post's title.

Lets evaluate, shall we?

First with exhibit A; Seriously? Now you are saying Christina is better than everyone? That is extremely low. Even you have the nerve to say she's better than you... Now do you hate yourself as much as I do right now? If throwing a computer across the room could translate into permanently damaging this girl's skull, then I'd do it in a heart beat. But come to think of it, if you envy someone that much, isn't your brain already in a serious issue?

Exhibit B: Now you are challenging other members. Once again this ties into exhibit A, she seriously believes Jelinna is better than everyone else. Now she's using a lame, and insulting (to her own self) language.

Exhibit C: Wow, you really think Christina is the most famous person on stardoll? Honestly, I think fame shouldn't measure you as a person. It should be your personality, not the amount of stardollars you can cram into your wallet.

Exhibit D: I don't love Christina. What about me? And plenty of other people who have a hard time loving someone? Especially since you've probably never met Christina. But since you come to believe that she's all that, then good for you. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

And now that I think about it, I wouldn't doubt that this is Christina's own personal ploy to up her game. She's already caused enough damage, so  why not create more? Even I'm in utter shock.

And the final portion of the post.

Exhibit A: Not strange to love Jelinna? Ask me otherwise. You don't have to love someone for their approval, okay? You'll just get those WTF stares, which is something not to be proud of.

Exhibit B: I was nearly dying of laughter by this point. You have the nerve to point out that you think Christina has power? So that means you'll follow her every command? Gosh, I wish I had someone who worshiped me that much. But on the other hand, maybe not so much.

Exhibit C: This part was certainly the meanest. Add another "How dare you!" eye roll from me. Can you not believe yourself? You are basically calling someone a whore because they want some attention. So what? Go rot in a hole, bitch. And just to be clear, I, and no one else, is going to pray for Christina. She doesn't deserve the power, neither does anyone else. No one is a god, got it?

Exhibit D: Aw, how cute, creating a new word for good night. FYI, I don't think it'll catch on.

By this point you can probably tell I'm pretty much pissed by jelinna-is-god (you wish!). Unfortunately, if you want a peace treaty, its not coming quite yet. There's one final post I have to make a joke out of first.

And, if you want to check it out for yourself, click here
She is most certainly a stalker. And what does Christina do? She bathes in the attention. At first, not as much, but I can easily tell she warmed up to the idea.

Which further concludes Goodgal7's theory of jelinna-is-god and jelinna being the same person. I mean, its not too hard to find them both online at the same time (especially considering her utter most obsession for Christina), but its still peculiar, right?

All in all, this was most certainly a stardoll experience I will not forget. This is definitely a new age for stardoll, the rise of stalkers and sexual activities done behind screens.

If you still haven't got a chance to wet your pants, visit the blog here.

With that, I'll see you on the other side.


  1. you had me in stitches at "gold digging whore" oh my god

    this whole worshipping jelinna thing has gone too far and i can only hope that this blog praising christina is some kind of joke.

    this was a great post i was in tears at most parts!

  2. First thought halfway of the post: OMFG JELINNA MADE A FANBLOG FOR HERSELF bahahhahahahaha

    Second thought: But then again there are many retarded people in this world...

    And seriously that bitch can't even get sarcastic people, like are you seriously accussing Isa for wanting to be jelinna, ARE YOU OKAY????

    Actually both users could be the the same person, Christina, because you can be logged from two accounts but from a different browser.

  3. Since the fan account is tottally exagerating I have no doubt that it's jellina herself! I really think she done it to have people talking about her and to people think that she's loved by lots of people...
    Anyway I agreed with everything you said!

  4. She could have made an extra account for more fame, but then it would just have the opposite effect. I think it could be a hater who wanted to annoy her and make people think that she makes fake fan accounts. If that was the point, it's working.

  5. I can see this girl being the Lolita of 2013..

  6. Lol desperate models out of work and praising the person they want to make a graphic of of them

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  8. This post was very wordy. I still read it all. Lol. I'm usually not one to judge (considering I don't know jelinna) but this obsession is too weird. I mean she's a good graphic designer, but puh-lease.

  9. I also saw that girl's comments. She is MENTAL. And I actually think she might be Jelinna. I mean, for God's sake, surely there isn't someone obsessed so much with a person!

  10. Lindsey, your posts are amazing! As are all the posts on here, they just make me laugh out loud, literally wet myself, and satiate my need for comments laced with sarcasm :) goodness, I've never seen such intense infatuation with someone over the INTERNET, rather ludicrous, if you ask me...

    I wouldn't put it past Jelinna to be behind all this, I've seen dolls make fake accounts on Stardoll to act as haters on their main accounts, to justify the victim card, so to speak...