Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, Big Bang?

OR so you would think...

Hot buys have returned, and are looking better than ever?... Sadly not in this case.
Although we have finally escaped that horrendous colour scheme of purple, pink and blue it seems as though after the rather good selection of Nelly Hot Buys the graphics have taken a rather large plunge.

As pretty as that background may be it's safe to say the Hot Buys are over all pretty appalling. The theme for this month's hot buys is probably the most random and cofusing theme I have seen in a collection. 

Starting off with the hat: It's an okay piece and graphics are okay. I guess there isn't much you can do with a hat but even some simple shading rather than the black gradient they put on would make it immediately nicer. 

The jacket and dress are the two items I actually like the look of this time around. The designs of both are really cute, that dreadful colour scheme wasn't used and they are reasonably well made. The bag on the model I am not sure about though. I really don't understand what is going on with it but I will wait until the bag is released. The shoes the girl is holding also look reasonably nice and graphically are also pretty decent. 

This is where things get ugly...

On a positive note them boots are okay. Although not to many people's taste I'm sure some people will like them. The fingerless glove looks pretty tacky and once again what is with the lack of shading? That gradient looks extremely lazy and I'm tired of seeing it in items that will probably be priced at 15 stardollars or above. I personally think the dress looks nice enough. Although I don't usually like the colour scheme of it I think in this case it works pretty well and I'm sure quite a few members will like this piece.

The thing I am most speechless about though is that DREADFUL bag. Who on earth though it would be a good idea to add that to a Hot Buys collection? I wouldn't buy it if it was free never mind 10+ stardollars! The design is alright but the shading is so bad that I genuinely think it could be the ugliest hot buy on stardoll ever.

The Hits: Brown jacket, yellow dress and yellow shoes

The Misses: Red bag and metallic fingerless glove

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