Friday, January 25, 2013

VOTE NOW, Fashion Icon

Category four is here and it is based on Stardoll's biggest fashion icons. Whether their dolls are drowned in rares or they just have an impeccable sense of style they aren't up there for nothing!

FASHION ICON up until 2011. 
There will be another category for relevant and current players.


  1. I'm not really inspired by the style of most of these people. A few of them aren't even active on Stardoll. i.e. Noelle and Isabella.

    I think the nominees should be relevant to this time period for awards like this.

  2. @Aislin

    It's not necessarily creative and edgy outfits but this category is rather "high fashion" in the way of elegant and iconic to them.

  3. @Aislin

    This is just past fashion icons who were known for their style then. There will be another more relevant category.