Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Rivalry Blooming?

Before I begin, I'm not going to state my opinion here, since I am personally friends with both sides of the story. At this point, I'm not sure exactly what to think, but I feel as if its a good topic to post about, if you get me. So, with that, if you feel as if I'm leaning towards a certain side, I'm not. 

The other day ago, the co-owned magazine, Teen Vogue, got a particularly interesting entry. Intrigued, I clicked on the link.

Posted by Khol (Hollyoaksrocks*), I learned that now the co-ownership has been terminated. As of now, expect a single ownership. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about having only Khol as the owner, to be completely honest, though, I haven't seen a co-ownership for quite a while now, which I was intrigued to see a duo-corporation. But, this isn't the whole of the post. Considering no explanation for the sudden slimming, I left a comment regarding my curiosity. (And disregard my random quirky comment in parenthesis...)

And Kirsten was the first to reply:
Now that explains it. Khol didn't respect Kirsten's commitment to her university, so kicked her off the team. That makes sense for the sudden cold vibe they give off... But then Khol leaves a comment, with a completely different response:

So Kirsten was lying? Now I'm most certainly confused. Although, at this point, I'm slightly curious to what actually happened if Khol is the one telling the point. Strangely, though, I have a feeling as if neither of them are telling the whole story. Next is another chilling response from Kirsten. You can be certain this friendship they once had is now over from her reply:

And after this, Jack comes to Khol's aid:

Although his response is yet another answer to the sudden rivalry, I don't think it was particularly smart to come in between the two. Although, considering he is Jack, I wouldn't have expected any other answer. In all, this did nothing really to help me truly believe what happened, but what really happened might remain a secret forever.

So, what do you think happened to end the co-ownership? Who's side are you on? Do you think Kirsten, Khol, or even Jack is telling the truth?


  1. Nikkol is doing the right thing, Kristen obviously didnt want the ownership to go to either person, but Khol didnt want the magazine to go to waste. I cannot believe that 20 year old could be this immature....

  2. IT'S KIM
    Although I like Kirsten I don't see her problem with giving full ownership to Khol. Just because Kirsten doesn't want to own TV doesn't mean Khol doesn't either. Khol is clearly interested in the project so why doesn't kirsten want the best for it and just give it to her?

  3. "Although, considering he is Jack, I wouldn't have expected any other answer." oh kimmy kim you know me too well!

    kirsten didn't want vogue to go on because khol and her would ALWAYS argue over graphics and concepts, khol wanted the magazine to be edgy and fun (featuring outfits teens would actually wear)whereas kirsten wanted it all classy and ugly. it was really like two ends of a magnet, pushing eachother away all the time; never going to work from the start.

    khol did the right thing by letting kirsten walk away but NOT letting her take the magazine with her. i think it will be more of a success now full ownership is in khol's hands.

  4. To be honest, I like Khol style's better so I think Teen Vogue is in good hands. Besides it's 'Teen' it's not supposed to be about classic and chic style like Kirsten's.

    On the other hand, we all know that Kirsten can't keep stardoll friends for long. She always seems to find something to argue about, which is not nice. I could speak about my own story but that would just be rude. Of course, university is very important. She's not going to put "6 years or something on Stardoll" on her ressume. Though, she could solve this without making a hush about it.

  5. *yawn* kristen holds onto her pride by a candy g-string.. very petty tsk tsk!

    p.s. love the banner but it was better before

  6. As far as I know Kirsten is really arrogant with everybody!

  7. clearly everyone is against kirsten on this decision lol

  8. @Jack:
    Hi, actually it was me who posted it... lol :)

  9. Lindsey, at first I also thought Kim posted this until I saw your name xDDD