Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion Exam #4

Hey dolls! We're back for a new term! 
To start off with a bang we have two very interesting outfits to mark.

Cooldeer123 (tania) and Emmahunt4 (hilmy)

Guys, what is going on? Tania: I sort of like it but then I don't. The hat is ridiculous and doesn't go with the outfit, along with the random leopard print bag. The rest is nice though.
Hilmy: I don't even know what to say, what the hell are you doing? Firstly you have this horrendous sweater then you have some tin foil gloves and boots. Are you attempting to cook yourself? 

Well say no more, here are you grades;

Outfit = D-                         
Shoes = B                          
Makeup = C                       
Hair = C                             
Overall Grade = C- or 65%

Outfit = G                         
Shoes = G                         
Makeup = D                      
Hair = C                            
Overall Grade = F or 40%

Well, Tania you just about passed! but Hilmy, you failed badly,

Tania you passed with a C- / 65% - The outfit was just too quickly put together in my opinion. 
Hilmy you failed with an F / 40%  - Nothing could of helped this outfit, maybe if you burnt it, you would of got an A.

Until next time,

Khol X


  1. OMG haha never knew I was gonna be featured lool now I understand I should be fashionable everyday lool

  2. I love the "i'm so judging you right now" tone lol.

    Lovely idea!

  3. u shouldnt laugh and look at ur fugly medoll and jwoww-like outfits before judging anyone, khol ure pathetic lol

  4. @anon I dare you to get your scared ass off anonymous and say it to me on your account.

  5. I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling by saying this, but I always feel like this segment is totally unnecessary. I really don't like it when people do this, grading people for outfits and simply badmouthing people on their choice to wear it's totally unfair. Just because you hate it doesnt mean she should hate it too. It's all in the matter of taste anyway...

    With that being said, again im sorry dearie if I came off kinda rude or's just I think if you really wanna do this, you should like have their consent or permission to judge them in the first place. Maybe some sort of "who wants to participate" perhaps?

    Love, Kuki.

  6. I agree with the anon above. Not everyone is dressed amazingly all the time so you could at least ask for permission, or sign ups before doing the post. It's like grading someone in their pyjamas, they didn't know they would get graded on it.

  7. *yawn* lighten up a bit! its just for fun and if they dont like it, they dont have to reply!

  8. I don't totally agree with what said above but better be ridiculous than absolutely boring - a great woman said and she couldn't be more right don't you think?

  9. @Khol weird, dont u think u're contradicting urself? what if we change it this way; if u dont like it dont comment? haha

  10. I personally don't really care for either outfits. I've never really liked Hilmy's outfits, no offense, but I guess its just because our styles are so different. I think she's just always trying, well too hard?

  11. I too agree, you should at least ask them first but of course you wont because you have no balls to ask them and do whatever the hell you want acting like you run the damn place when in reality you dont. Go ahead and judge them on their outfits you're just doing that to feel better about yourself since you have very self-esteem, I wouldn't blame you, I mean your style is very tacky.

    1. oh can you hear how stupid you sound? like seriously shut the fuck up.
      1. you're not making any sense, so please go to school and learn how to put a sentence together before you start trying to tell me how to do my job.
      2. i do own this fucking place along-side with kimberly duh

  12. I don't like the idea of this. Not everyone dresses up their doll on a daily basis and expects to be judged by someone. In my opinion, if you're going to continue this segment, you should ask permission first, or have people sign up to be judged. Otherwise it's just a bit cruel.

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  14. "I'm always judging everyone haha" - Khol

    Well that's just lovely - That you seem to think you're so important that you can judge anyone you like without getting bad comments thrown at you.

    If you don't want to be treated badly and having to remind people you're co-owner, act a little bit less condescending. Critique outfits instead of calling their style 'horrendous' or 'ridiculous'. Some may say those exact words about your style - but at least they're gracious enough to think about your feelings.

  15. Yasssss anons throw shade, anonymously :D

  16. Hey I dont wanna complain but I like the idea and Lindsey I understand lol I dont take thing to serious but thanks anyway for being really honest haha :D but I think is a great Idea because It's really fun then other blog post which have the same context however we all should just appreciate the amazing writing skills that khol has given its just a joke so we can get over pretty soon haha sorry this is sooo long lol

  17. lol how funny, really that made me sooooo laugh although i don't think Khol is able to judge people's style since her doll always looks horrible.

    kisses, Bren

  18. Fashion is subjective to taste, so there is no point in this segment. It's fine to give your opinion from time to time, but fashion is a topic that should be handled with tact. It would have been nice to see you give pro's and con's to outfit choices rather than subjectify two very decently dressed people to your fashion outlook, which isn't always "up to par" if you catch my drift. Try a different tone next time and maybe you yourself won't be criticised so harshly.

  19. it's hilarious watching people pretend not to be insulted.

  20. I'm sorry but kohl is right, bot outfits are just hideous

  21. I completely agree with Ashley!!