Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Run Magazine Spoiler

So, today, Run Magazine has released Spoiler #3 to their upcoming magazine. And, well, looking at the spoiler, it kind of makes me want to run... In the other direction. No offense or anything, but personally I think the Run Magazine team should lay off on the hallucinogens and give their magazine a good look before publishing it... Remember, first impressions are everything... And I'm sensing an F on my scale. Please let me know when the house of horrors has passed through, since Run has given me QUITE the Stardoll scare that I haven't experienced since the first edition of Stardoll "Playboy," which- believe me, was terrifying in its own right. I am sensing a dark, cutting/suicidal version of Lana del Rey. That has quite the bad taste on my mouth. On that note, I'm bidding you all a happy Tuesday!!

What do you think Run Magazine will look like? Do you agree, or disagree with me? Comment!
Click HERE to visit Run Magazine.

Also, personal question: how is everybody liking New York Fashion Week?? 


Fashion lovers, tell me all! As a native New Yorker, I love seeing models out and about on the streets!! So style smart & chic, and gorgeous! Last year I met Karlie Kloss, my idol. Who would you like to meet at NYFW? If I get an autograph, I might give it away...


  1. Holy crap that is scary. What is up with the faces, the weird shading, and the strange angles. Seriously, whoa.

  2. Hm. It's different, but for a first issue spoiler no.

  3. Clueless as to why they have released multiple spoilers before the official release of the magazine itself. Shouldn't they focus on creating the magazine rather than hauling out dozens of pointless and wasteful spoilers?

  4. @naomi: tbh It may look a bit strange, but if you have a look at the original you see it isn't weird shaded, it's because of the effects.

    And I did that on purpose it actually should awake curiosity, excitement and so I did it darker than normal.

    Because of the multiple spoilers, as I don't have thaaaat much time to straightly work on the magazine I give you many spoilers to keep you going! Not because I focus on spoilers, really!

    I just hope that you now don't want to "run" away from RUN, because of a spoiler. :)

    Twinkle Twinkle,

  5. Ohh and btw...
    here is the original, maybe you like it more but I think it was a bit more interesting and something different and edgy with the effects, but anyways:

  6. idk why people are so hard on it, i think its nice :-) cant wait for the magazine manda!

  7. run.. away? it's fine but looks to grunge & also is too small.

  8. @gladis: thank you very much! :)

    @mikel: here is the original size, idk why it is that small here:

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  10. The graphic reminds me of a transvestite trying to dress up as lana del rey. i also think the whole lana del rey/flower crowm theme is totally worn out now. i'll not read that magazine, lol.

  11. Wow look I found the twin of the girl in your grafic http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/toptenhaunted/THE-EXORCIST.jpg