Friday, February 1, 2013

New Release: Antidote

And another Antidote collection has been released...

The 8th Antidote collection was released on Tuesday with prices ranging from 22-100 stardollars. Overall it was yet another mediocre collection with far too many pieces but it did feature some impressive items. Around 40% of the collection is sold out thus far so if you wish to pick up a piece head over to the Starplaza now!

What do you think of the collection?


  1. It's a decent collection but the quality is bad and similar to regular items in plaza.

  2. I was very disappointed with this collection. I bought very few clothes, but I did get some of those wacky cupcakes!

  3. Great new banner! You look amazing Kim. Great job Jack xoxo

  4. Yeah, it was ok, but I bought a few items none the less. And, I love the new banner btw!