Monday, February 4, 2013

Queen Bey: Superbowl

Hey dolls! So if you didn't know already, The queen of RnB - Beyoncé performed at the famous Superbowl 2013 half-time show last night. I can only describe her performance as nothing but amazing. Watch it here!

Not only that, but the rest of Destiny's Child joined her on the stage!
I don't know about you, but I hyperventilated and nearly fainted!

Stardoll have just released these outfits inspired by the performance;

The outfits are poorly made in my opinion.
BUT I couldn't leave you without a beyonce inspired outfit by me;

Until next time,
See you!


  1. I don't think they are too poorly made comparing to most of SD stuff now. I love the Beyonce outfit though!

  2. They're exactly how Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle's outfit were.. wow.