Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Trendy Magazine

Hi Today's Top Trends!

I'm Sierra, or otherwise known as iswim19 on Stardoll. I'm the new magazine reviewer, and I'll be bringing you unbiased, factual reviews. If you have a magazine that you feel should be reviewed, message me or leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to get to it! In this magazine, there are 19 pages, so if I say page [4/20], then flip to page 4 to see my meaning. Thank you guys for understanding!

Trendy Magazine editor-in-chief Pau.Cam.Arena has sent out a smashing first edition, and here at Today's Top Trends we just want to make it better. Here at TTT I will break down the magazine and offer constructive criticism, totaling a final score out of 50 points to see what grade Trendy will get.

Click HERE to go to Trendy Magazine to follow along with my review.
Graphic Design: 9/10 The graphics were beautiful and well done, as well as showing a constant consistency throughout the magazine. Though they could be more realistic, it is extremely good and articulate. I love the detail in the Lanvin photoshoot [3/19] and fell for the cream colored editorial [11/19] along with the minimalistic prints shown throughout the magazine [12/19]. I found this well done for the winter-spring transition and the festive lights on the cover just simply seal the deal for me. Excellent graphics for a first issue, I'm expecting big things!

Fashion Editorial: 6/10 The clothing is fabulous, and well curated, and that is the only place the 5 points came from. I found that there is no explanation for why the clothing is chosen, and no theme for the entire magazine. There is nothing on the cover, and nothing throughout the editorial [11-14/19]. Pretty clothes aren't enough. I need to know why and the meaning. This is a magazine, not a catalog, right?

Trends Shown: 8/10 I like that the "Trend Zone" [4/19] is clearly marked in a magazine: but is it not too blatantly obvious? The point is to integrate the readers' mind with the purpose of your magazine, not to bludgeon it into their brain. Tread lighter next time. The background and the strange text makes it a bit difficult to read, yet the gold, black, and army colors are just right for the season [5-8/19], and I simply cannot fault that. There must be improvements made, but I'm not disappointed.

Creativity: 7/10 One or two years ago, Trendy Magazine would simply be another average magazine on Stardoll, but since then the quality of work has rapidly declined. Today, Trendy Magazine is one of the best. I'm not saying they ever would be considered bad: it's just that it is not as good as Eternity or Fierce, but yet few can compare to Mary and Alice, which is why they are forever immortalized, correct? I simply do not see anything really new, but I am ready to give points where points are deserved.

Writing Style: 5/10 I basically had nothing to critique, except for maybe a description of Burberry's history [17/19]... Am I supposed to look at the historical accuracy? There's nothing that is debatable, questionable, or with true sustenance. It looks hastily written, and, by the way, the last word is missing a period. I noticed that Trendy wants to create a new magazine every month: may I suggest to make it every 2-3 months? To add more sustenance to your blog. Vogue may appear every month, but Vogue has a full team that works full time, around the clock, to bring you the glossy magazine, while I am sure Trendy does not. Take your time. Make it perfect.

How did this magazine score?
35 out of 50 total points, at 70% or C

My Final Comments: I was a bit disappointed this magazine scored so low, but if anybody knows anything about my critiques, they tend to be much harsher than most, and I believe the highest score I've ever given out was around an 86%. I hold magazines to an extremely high standard matched by few so the improvements will be great. I hope the owner of this magazine takes this to heart, and works on the improvements I have suggested. This magazine is still young, in its' baby years, and as it matures I can see really great things someday. Best of luck, Trendy, and do not give up! 

TTT, I want to know what you think! Leave your comments below and I'll be reading them all!


  1. Thank you so much for your critics, we'll try to improve!

  2. I mean, the magazine was good, but I'm not sure if I'd give it that high of a rating for the graphics. I mean, they are good, but if I didn't know any better, I'd say they are trying too hard to be like VOGUE.

  3. A great review although I agree with Lindsey on the graphic scoring!

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