Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Trendy Magazine

Dear readers,

I must confess I am a bit late to the party, but here goes my belated commentary for Trendy Magazine. Trendy is setting the industry standard as of now, created by two of Stardoll's contemporary "elites." Whether or not Trendy will match the best of the best will be determined on here, on my scale. Remember that in a magazine, instead of putting the page numbers, I will use brackets. The cover is [1/34]. This magazine contains 34 pages.

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Graphic Design: 10/10 Trendy is eye catching from the start: SEXY, SEXY, SEXY! It's not blatantly, or overtly so, however, and I love it. It's simple but the headdress on the cover makes the cover dazzling. The hair is pure disarray and the color is fantastic. I love the simple but not overstated theme, especially with the headdresses right off the bat [4/34] and the Christian Louboutin graphics [14/34]. Oh, sweet seduction! I could gasp over these gorgeous graphics all day but I must move on: I'll leave you with two words. Elie Saab [20/34].

Fashion Editorial: 7/10 It saddens me to give the editorial these marks, but although the graphic design is close to perfection, the editorial is far from so. There's no fluidity, no theme [19-25/34] and there is nothing that is an indicator to what the editors are looking for. No curated pieces are shown, and in the photo where she is topless [25/34], she looks great, but what's her purpose? Why is she topless? Important questions.

Trends Shown: 9.5/10 The trends from Paris Fashion Week were great [6-11/34]. I loved the editors picked their favorites and displayed them. This is what it means to be trend setting! Points off for no real explanation though, and as with the editorial, no fluidity. I loved the "Must Haves" section [15/34] and the casual trendy looks that are so ideal for Spring [16-17/34].

Creativity: 6/10 As magazines go, this wasn't cutting edge. It was alright. However, as magazines go today, this was one of the better ones. Though the creativity wasn't mind blowing, the darker overall theme did entice me and was one of the magazine's best assets.

Writing Style: 4/10 It is here Trendy falls into a trap. We see yet another magazine with little to no writing, thinking they can make up for it with pretty pictures. Words provide sustenance. The interview with Manolo. DiCicco was good [28-30/34], something that has not been done for awhile. Otherwise, the grammar and writing style was fine, I just really wish there was more.

How did this magazine score?
 36.5 out of 50 points, at 70% or C

My Final Comments: Trendy was a good magazine. The graphics were great but a magazine's worth does not directly stem from good graphics. They are important, but other areas were lagging. Writing, for example, should be essential. I feel so many magazines, as a general consensus, lack the adequate amount of writing necessary for it to be a true publication, not just a high fashion catalog. That was my main complaint. Last time I reviewed Trendy, it seems the magazine's editors haven't taken my words to heart. The score hasn't changed. I am looking forward to giving Trendy higher scores in the future.

TTT, what did you think? Agree or disagree? Comment!


  1. You're doing a great job on this blog! I love every single one of your reviews. Keep up the good work love!xoxo

  2. I find it funny that covergirl now plays such a small role in a magazine, where it used to be that the covergirl was the focus of the magazine. I miss themes too, the only magazine that seems to be doing that now is Haute. It's a nice magazine though and good post.

  3. graphics mark is too high though but yeah great

  4. mte the graphics are not that good

  5. I agree with Kim... I think magazines like these should be classified as "lookbooks." They don't have enough articles to call a magazine, and have a ton of fashion editorials and graphics.

  6. @Ashley_Doggett: That's kind of my job on this blog, sorry if that's offensive to you.

  7. @ashley_doggett

    did it not ever come across to you that she may do magazine reviews as her job on the blog

  8. Just saying. I never said it was offensive, did I? All I've seen you do in your blog posts on several blogs is magazine reviews, that's all. It would be neat to see you branch out a bit.