Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Last Manifesto: Diogaurdi Couture

Last Sunday Dioguardi released their final collection over at the popular blog Underneath Stardoll, where a massive party was held in celebration of the release. The party itself was an odd one so to say, with a mix of old members who really knew the collection and new members who were commenting that there were already enough stores on Stardoll.
The line itself, which you can view here, is a very simplistic and beautifully coloured collection adorned with gorgeous lace and girly bow pumps. The models all looked extremely pretty with flawless makeup themed to the specific outfit. The clothes themselves were reasonably mediocre and even at first impressions you could see the immense use of the dodge tool used on the clothing.

Compared to the previous Summer 2011 show the collection was a downfall but overall Dioguardi has always been known for it's beautiful and elegant designs, and this final collection was a great addition and finale to the Dioguardi empire.

What are your thoughts on the collection?


  1. the last collection was better but it was nice!

  2. It Was Really Nice To See Finally A New Collection =)

  3. I think this is the beggining of a new era in Fashion Designing in Stardoll, like in 2010, when there were a lot of virtual fashion lines & stardoll fashion week. I also consider that they should bring back that Stardoll Fashion Week, since it was a really nice spotlight for every designer to be known in Stardoll world.

  4. @Pau.Cam.Arena

    TTT might possibly host another TTT FW in August.

  5. @Kimbery Wow, really? I'm planning to make an accesories line in march/april, and maybe I can extend it to fashion also, I'd love to join it!


    That sounds awesome! Planning would probably start in late March so maybe you could even make it for a second line. ;)