Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly Hot Buys 3: 80's Revival

Rise and shine, dollies! The release of another weekly Hot Buys means it's time for another review segment! I've got to say, honestly, this week's release didn't really meet my expectations. In fact, it fell a little far from it, however there were some pieces which had excellent components.

To begin with, the Oversized Sunnies fell almost in the middle of the spectrum. The neon green frames studded with black painted-on dots was more an eyesore than it was eye-protection. The lenses, I thought, were pretty nicely made, but the frames did them no service. They did however, live up to their name; being definitely oversized, and not in a good way, unless you enjoy looking like you have eyes that should probably belong on a fruit fly. 

The Bling Lips Necklace was probably the nicest item in the whole collection. I thought the subtle black ribbon threaded through the heavy gold chains were a stylish complement to each other, not to mention a recent growing trend in today's fashion. However, the waxy red lips dangling from the thickly strung-together necklace wasn't too flattering, especially considering that they were studded with very fake-looking diamond studs placed awkwardly in the middle of the parting lips. 

Next, we've got the Blue Brocade Coat, which, surprisingly, didn't turn me off as soon as I saw it. I really think that maybe if you paired it with accurately matching jewelry or accessories you could pull it off. The composition of the design was very nice; you could really get a close look at the well-made texture. Think me unreasonable, but I really do find the sleeve-angle rather awkward. I think it honestly would have looked better if our mannequin remained sitting with her arms bent.

The Electric Blue Bag was supremely mundane. Nothing really special about it, and nothing that I particularly liked or disliked.

Lastly, the Hot Pink Heels hardly left a good impression with the closing of this week's releases, although I will compliment the shading on the heels, even though it could use a bit more blending.

In total, this collection scored a D.

As much as I can't wait for the next collection, I really hope they try something more unique and less overplayed in regards to the theme. 

**Apologies for not being able to get a decent picture up. If you're wondering, yes, I did have to screenshot an image, due to the fact that I didn't receive the legitimate advertisement of the collection. 


  1. I actually have a feeling some of these items are going to become quite rare. Nobody seems to be too interested in them now but I can see the jacket being quite wanted later.

  2. @Kim, Yeah, I'm definitely sure the jacket is going to be one of those items. I say stock up on them now, and you'll your money's worth in a year or so if you decide to re-sell.

  3. plotwist: they decide to do 80's revival for the rest of the month, get jean jacket and jeans combo, big poofy afros, and trackpants