Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Hot Buys 1: Valentines

It's apparent that Stardoll decided to take a break from the effortless monotony of creating yet another monthly Hot Buys collection, and so they released a new Weekly Hot Buys event. Five new items will only be available for purchase during that week. But of course, as excited as I was to log in and pray for the best, I was still expecting the worst. I certainly think you can guess my expectations as soon as I reached the Starplaza.

I personally found these items, on the whole, rather disappointing, as is the depressing trend in the most recent Hot Buys collections. But today's releases were far from disappointing. In fact, I might as well have shaved off all my hair and moped about New York City in sackcloth, ruing the day Stardoll ever put these designs on the drawing board.

These items definitely stuck to their Valentines theme, with pink used in every single item. The love earrings were a cute addition to the mini collection but were cute rather than fashionable. The heart shaped studded clutch is extremely large which is a let down as it is a nice item excusing the fact it is very weirdly oversized. The blouse is once again a reasonably nice piece that was let down by the exceedingly large and rather odd gaping hole in the middle. Which leads me to the nail tips, once again a cute addition, costing a rather large sum of 6 stardollars per hand.

The "All Around Hearts" accessories were truly appalling, eerily reminisce of clown makeup, and something I could see my 9-year old cousin wearing to a dance recital. I was able to finally snap a photo of my dollie sporting the eye-pieces without my retina burning out in the process, so please excuse my complete inability to edit photos...

*continued after break*

While I agree that my skills are rudimentary at best, I hope you noticed the random black and pink hearts scattered about the eyeshadow colors like sprinkles on a cupcake, one of the most offending features of this accessory. I believe this particular addition to be the epitome of tacky in its most hideous form. However, I don't specifically hate the black-and-pink color combination, even though so much more creativity could have been used to modify this accessory, perhaps to a better and nicer-looking edition.

I cringe to await the next of the Hot Buys releases this week, hoping that next week won't be stuck to such a prominent girly theme. In terms of rating, I'd give this a whopping 2 out of 5 total gold stars.


  1. Hahaha you are so funny! I LOVED THIS POST

  2. *blinks* That's something STARDOLL made? You would have fooled me. I would have guessed someone random made that for a fraction of the cost.

  3. As always, posts with negative opinions for everything. People here are not giving proper posts...

  4. The items are not dissapointing, what it is quite dissapointing is that you don't know how to work them. Sad, right?

  5. Ok, well you live and you learn. I'll take your advice and try to improve in the future, thanks.

  6. Not going to lie I disagree. I think you've focused too much on the negatives when they really aren't that bad. The earrings are nice, the nail tips are cute, the blouse, though rather revealing is quite nice and the heart clutch is gorgeous even though it's a bit too large. The eye pieces were literally the only thing I'd say I strongly dislike. Try and cover all of the items rather than focusing on the worst point. I'd atleast rate them 3 out of 5.

  7. they really were not that bad

  8. @Kim, yeah, I definitely understand what you're saying. I just assumed I was doing a single item and not the whole thing.
    Honestly, re-reading it, I do agree with most of your comments. Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely take it to heart!