Sunday, March 24, 2013

And I'm the Welite?

Consider this a rant of sorts. Its rare that I get pissed off, but today, someone had the idea in their head thinking that it was a good idea to push my buttons—we'll just leave it at that.

Let the story begin.

After posting a preview of an up and coming graphic over at The Graphic Vault, Eliza, also known as Wooldoor, provides some feedback regarding my graphic. At the time, I could hardly care less. I'm used to receiving harsh feedback; in the end, its what drives me to improve. So, like with all negative responses to my work, I reply.

If you're wondering, I was proving a point, with a slight sarcastic edge. And also because I didn't understand what Eliza was referring to. Unfortunately, sarcasm isn't my strongest suit—especially considering you can't change the tone of your voice while online.

As of this point, I wasn't expecting a reply. But of course, it comes. Being from Jewish herritage, speak of Hitler is almost prohibited in my family. When someone mentions him, a rain of silence follows. And that my friends—is how serious of an offense the comparison to Hitler is to me and my religion. To add to Eliza's remark, she bluntly states as of herself being of a pro. I've always, to say the least, have admired her work. Until now. I'd imagine at this state, Eliza's ego is as big as Asia combined.

By the point I've read her response, I've already posted the final product over at The Graphic Vault. How could I have not seen another insult launched—heading in my direction.

Actually, I did read your tip. And, thanks for the advice, by the way.

As you can see, I listened. I also did attempt to rise the quality of my graphic. If you don't like my graphics, then that's your problem, Eliza. Not mine.

 I just have a few words to say to that...
First, and foremost, I apologize for the few profanities I used. Also the lack of grammar and punctuation; sadly, my knowledge slims when I'm angry. Anyhow...I'm relatively new to the welite concept, however, from the few rumors spread, I've learned its used to call someone a wannabe elite. That—for lack of better words—is so far from the truth. Like you've learned, I could hardly care about being elite, in fact, no one is better than anyone else! How dare you call someone a welite if you don't know the first thing about them? And why did you decide to let your anger out on me...I can't remember—or recall (ha ha)— ever hurting your feelings. Which leads back to the question: why me?

If there's really one word to describe my mood right now, it could only be explained by the following:
Rant over and out.


  1. Aw, Lindsey, I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Eliza is a very good friend of mine, and she has never been unkind to me, so it's very strange for me to see her acting this way. However, I am in no way trying to defend her. What she did/said was entirely unnecessary. If she was aiming to give you constructive criticism, she could have done so without being nasty and rude. You are a very sweet person, and you do not deserve to be treated poorly by anyone. I apologize for Eliza, and I do hope that she'll realize how uncalled for her actions were, and apologize to you herself.

  2. Your graphics are way much better than hers! Her graphics are so amateur... and she hadn't any reason while writing that comments --'
    Even more, I think she just wrote that comments so she could get some popularity, because actually she doesn't have much, i haven't ever heard her name until now...
    And she calls herself a pro.. pfff

  3. I've never really spoken to Eliza but how fucking disrespectful. There's criticism and then there's insulting but she definitely went too far. I'm just glad It wasn't me she was insulting because believe me, this would be world war 3!

    Chin up Lindsey xx

  4. i love eliza but that was very rude

  5. Eliza was the first person I ever saw making graphics so at the time I was really impressed by her work. Being on stardoll around 3 years I have seen greater designers and she's not exactly a pro, though she still makes beautiful graphics.

    Although, she was being way too harsh. She could have said what she didn't like about the graphic without making it seem offensive and hurting someone else's feelings.

    That kind of behavior made her seem like a disrespetful and rude person no matter if she's not.

  6. This surprises me coming from here. I'm shocked as she's one of my friends and I talked to her few times. Why is she like that to you?
    But you replied well Lindsey, you couldn't have been better :)

  7. I can't believe how this Eliza is behaving, sorry Lindsey is one of the great graphic designer in Dollywood and Eliza was extremely rude, Tbh I am not great graphic Designer myself but Eliza your work compared to Lindsey is like ... just saying, well Lindsey just ignore this and keep doing what you do best which is making great graphics

  8. I can't say it was any better posting it on for a blog feature. Her comments were rude, but now they are the spotlight to be laughed at.

    Yes it was wrong of her to be so rude. It was also rude to make this post. I'm not quite sure what the point was except to single her out.

    No, I am not defending Wooldoor. I have to ask though, in Stardoll, how can anyone call themselves a 'pro' when there is no certificate for being a professional graphic designer.

    Okay, so she called herself a pro. If she really is a 'pro' then she must at least work for Stardoll or some other graphical-type company. Maybe?

    And if she is not, then she doesn't have the bragging rights to call herself (or anyone) a pro unless they have that title. A degree in those arts. So unless she or anyone has that, she is not a pro. The only thing that she or anyone else can call themselves at this state is experienced. That would be correct to say.

    Now there is now way she is better than you, but Lindsey, can I ask you, was this stooping down to a mean and nasty level like her?

  9. @Flowerpin

    This was in no way stooping to Eliza's level. Lindsey stays calm however she is just writing about it. It is interesting which is something Stardoll lacks and you clearly don't want.

  10. Cry baby, shut up, this post is stupid

  11. There was really no point for this post - she is obviously a good graphic artist & so are you. I thought the 1st comment was a suggestion not a criticism & both of you seem to have the same friends so this could easily have been sorted out privately. Some stardoll users are professionally trained in their field of study. People taking sides are just making things worse.

  12. At anons: Not really. Eliza was a bitch in the comment and could have easily criticised her in a far better manor.

  13. Elite is such a stupid word. It's a blatant way to make someone want to be you, and over something that is not even real.

  14. @Cayla: I actually contemplated on making this post, but I just kind of felt like writing it out. I guess it kind of made me feel better. Maybe the best option was to not post it, but what's done is done.

    1. I can see where you are coming from. Not everyone is happy go lucky every day. And to be honest, I may have done the same thing. When you put effort into such a graphic you feel proud of and someone shoots you down, just sucks.

  15. @Flowerpin, how is she stooping to my level by pointing me out whilst I'm being a bit of a bully?

    @Lindsey, I did have a huge apology/explanation written out by for some reason that I am too short of time to write out again. But I am extremelly sorry and I take back how rude I was/am. If you do accept my request I would be more than happy to write it out then.
    yes I could have went a better way about it. let me apologize privately.

  16. i love eliza with all my heart and she was a big bitch in this situation but you showed your true colors by making this post. making a hate post to her to get sympathy is stooping down to her level.