Friday, March 22, 2013

Crop Top Trend

Hey, it's me again! I'm back being very inspired by real life fashion these past times. So I'm bringing to you an ambitious way to make posts. Really structured, as I think every collection designers draws show a perception of what the women's silouhette needs to look like next season. And this season, crop top is back!

You guys surely remember Lindsay Lohan ten years ago wearing this trend. Then, it's back here for the thinner of us that have no problems with showing their navel.
Now let's see where you can find some of 'em.

The CHANEL Woman

"I feel like a China-Chanel girl"
The Chanel woman is classy, as ever. She enjoys her crop top on high-waisted pants or a high-waisted short skirt to give her legs a bit of credits otherwise she feels uncomfortable. If she doesn't use black, it's only white or blue. The arms get to be a bit oversized because she wants some fresh air on the long sleeves. To perfect the look she always feels the need to make a tribute to the sea with big pearls on her wrists or her neck.



"I'm confused like my skirt"
The Balenciaga woman is so graphic with her crop top. When it gets completely free and frill for her long skirt, the top is a real square without any sleeve. Though, her navel is hidden, even when she chooses to wear a shorter skirt or get formal with a pants with the opposite stripes than the top itself. The collar her boyfriend gave her last week is the first one she got so she wears it with anything, anywhere, anytime.


"Take me to Disney Land, I'm depressed"
The Marc Jacobs woman is really depressed, the sun goes down and the first thing she thinks of, is to put her crop top and go having fun wherever she'll find a friend. She has one for every occasion, when she wants to be friendly she'll wear the one with Mickey, when she feels sexy then it's the transparent one. The sleeves are long, the skirt is right above the knee, to feel happier she shows her belly. Even though she's still not secure about wearing bright colors- it would be ridiculous, seriously.


"I'm the Queen, the Queen of diamonds"
The Louis Vuitton woman actually likes contrast. Her bags are often big, when she wears crop tops, but she doesn't mind choosing a mini skirt or the complete opposite as very loose pants. Always with a head-band on her strict hair, she puts her sharp shoes on her toe. No need to explain the pattern, she loves it since two centuries, she was just expecting the right time to make it on her clothes rather than just have it on her bags. 

I'll just let you with a simple question:
Crop top trend, hot or not?



  1. I really enjoyed how you styled your writing in this post! I definitely think you should do more. :)

  2. the marc jacobs ones are the most wearable

  3. Loved the post. :)