Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Give It A Rest Already...

Maybe you've heard, but MDM is making a reappearance. My reaction to the return was probably equivalent to a five year old on Christmas morning. After all, who wouldn't be pleasantly surprised to find Noelle (or Isabella, I honestly can't tell...) poised behind a computer screen, writing with undeniable passion?

In the words of an icone here's what they had to say about the reappearance...

"The beloved MDM blog is at its rightful owners once again.

And why shouldn't it be?

Denying the owners' access to their own blog is unforgivable.
And stripping them off completely is just plain disrespectful.
MDM does not owe anyone any explanation.


Especially not you"

The last part didn't seize to entertain my active mind. I definitely didn't notice the indirect attack. I waited a few days, silently wondering if this was all but a bluff. I mean, Noelle was gone for over a year. But, I was surprised when post after post was established, completely contradicting my original thoughts. By this point my curiosity had slowly faded into pure amusement.

"After what seemed to be a needless drama about that last person who kicked us out (whom we kicked back OUT harder), MDM is having a HUGE overhaul of the whole blog from what was left from it (whoever thought that the tacky blue-green damask background was cute is certainly disturbed). In the next couple of weeks, MDM will be undergoing a HUGE restoration from writers, to graphics to the overall look & feel."

I do not know Aislin very well, but from tracking MDM ever since she gained ownership, visually I could tell she put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into the making of the blog. Including a handful of stardollars too, if your forgetting about the gorgeous, and now completely tarnished graphics. Although, lets not forget about Dei, either. She helped a tremendous amount as well.

And to be completely honest here, I think the current state MDM is in right now is much tackier than it was just days before.

The general idea here is a simple one. With a dash of misunderstanding, an overdose of immaturity, and a slice of slurred irrationality, Noelle has indeed gotten her point across. And its as clear as a bell. Though, I must confess, there's one final question lingering in the air...

Maybe Noelle forgot to attend her weekly anger management class?





    Seriously though, I'll consider taking the blog seriously when she stops continually bashing Aislin.

  3. i luv ur writing

  4. I've really sad to see this state of affairs. I hope they can hash it all out and everything will be all good again. I'd love to see a MDM revival- but not like this. Like, not "kidsafe"? Stardoll is mainly made of kids- and I don't find much of anything scandalous on Stardoll, no offense to anybody (it's really all petty stuff). MDM used to be an intellectual blog, where people debated and thought. In my opinion, that's how it should be again.

  5. @Kim, did you edit the post, I didn't add any pictures... O.o

  6. I disagree, some of us have the habit of applauding & encouraging bad behaviour and while it is evident they both worked hard on the blog, the names of the owners should never have been removed from the blog, that spoilt every good thing & effort that they did. It is easy for those not involved to say "get over it" but it doesn't affect us it affects them, and they must have been disappointed to learn that someone they trusted so much would do such a thing. Let them react the way they want to & get over it in their own time. If someone has upset you let them know, don't pretend it never happened just because you want to please everyone (that's being fake). They must be really disappointed & I don't blame them.


  7. Removing the blog owners names was unnecessary & that spoilt all their efforts. I would have been on their side because I know they put in a lot of effort for a blog that wasn't theirs but that was a big faux pas no blog owner (e.g Kimbery Dean) would like that. And unless we are in their situation or walk in their shoes we shouldn't judge their reaction, a similar thing ( similar but not the same) happened last year & the blog owner was so upset she closed down the blog. Sometimes we have to try & understand where people are coming from & how they feel. I wonder which blog is next?

  8. As some people support this, I wonder which blog will be next. It will surely happen again.