Friday, March 22, 2013

Hot Buys Weekly 7: Chanel Inspired Resort Wear

It feels so good to be back blogging again after taking a few days break from Stardoll to focus on schoolwork and such. But now that I'm back, I've been itching to critique the latest Hot Buys Weekly release! So I'm sure many of you, by now, have realized that Stardoll imitated Chanel's Resort 2013 release for this week's Hot Buys. I say they did a pretty good job with this collection.

The first piece I took a look at was the Resort '13 Dress. Using a side-by-side comparison, I'd say that they did a lovely job with the tulle layering and flowing design. The flowers on the Hot Buys dress were, however, missing the contrast that actually made them look like flowers, and not just pastel-colored confetti. The dress looked like it were being puffed up by a soft, spring breeze, and gave the dress nice volume and definition.

The next item I enjoyed was the Pastel Paris Hair. It most certainly was an accurate depiction of the wigs that the girls sported while modeling the designs at Chanel's release. I thoroughly enjoyed the color, being a fan of pastels, and the cut and style. They did a nice job with the windy look.

When glancing back and forth between Chanel's release and the Hot Buys, the Golden Resort Purse fell a bit short. The purse design itself lacked detail, and was a little too 2-dimensional for my tastes. 8 Stardollars for something of this caliber isn't necessarily a waste of money, but I wouldn't really recommend spending money on it. Of course, I do commend the lovely effort and style of the gold chain, as well as the shading on the strap.

The Resort '13 Sunhat was a classic and versatile addition to this week's collection, in my opinion. The wide brim nicely complimented the black ribbon tied around it. However, the shading gave it a plastic appearance, and I do think they could have done more with deepening the shade and gradient of the pink. There wasn't really anything too special about this hat, though.

I was a little confused with the Striped Boots. Sure, the pinstripes in light pink on the white were very nice, but I really don't see how it fit into this collection. It was as if they just threw a re-designed copy of January's Fallen Angel Boots. (See attached photo.) It was definitely the wild card in this collection.

Overall, this collection scored an A.

I think Stardoll did a pretty decent job with this collection, and managed to accurately pay homage to Chanel's Resort '13 release! I hope there will be more of these types of collections in the future!


  1. was very nice and spring like =)

  2. The boots sucked but rest was good!

  3. I loved the dress, wig and hat.
    The bag was badly made aside from the chain and the boots just weren't my style.