Thursday, March 7, 2013

Miss Sixty, Fashion On Repeat

In recent days the popular real brand Miss Sixty released yet another Stardoll collection. There's no denying it's a nice enough collection with numerous stand out pieces, but haven't we seen it all before? Time after time Miss Sixty seems to be releasing very similar stuff. I say it's time to get some other real brands into the mix to balance out the continual clothing that Miss Sixty is forking out. Saying this, I have seen some beautiful pieces in the collection, some of which I surprisingly have not seen before. If you wish to view the collection just click here and it will redirect you to the starplaza (in another tab). 

On a side note, award for the most amount of floors ever goes to... Miss Sixty!
Maybe ought to clean the starplaza up Stardoll. 


  1. This collection looks fairly OK to me. The PPQ bags however, look the same to me, they all have the same shape. There are more real brands in the Nelly & Harrods stores - that's a cheaper deal for SD as real brand stores must be expensive to feature individually.

  2. @above
    honestly i dont think the harrod stores cut it; they are all boring and childish designs

    The PPQ bags have been the same for many collections now! Sincethe first i think

  3. so many floors LOL