Friday, March 8, 2013

Timeline of Fashion #1

Limited Edition, which is often abbreviated as LE, has been a brand on Stardoll for more than 4 years now and has seen quality diminish over each passing season. Limited Edition began in December 2008 with it's first collection which Stardoll describes as:

"LE Brand: Limited Edition For Fashion Leaders who set the trends that others follow - Each beautifully illustrated item is available on a first come, first serve basis. Once purchased your LE Brand garments will permanently carry their LE Number Tag: The authenticity of each edition is preserved for all time. 

The core concepts of LE Brand explore the defining trends of Fall 2008
SEQUINS- Sprinkled Generously over the entire LE collection adding texture and sparkle for show stopping looks. 
STUDS - Writ Large, Oversized and Unexpected: clustered on the Studded Motorcycle Jacket, striping the Belt and punctuating the effect of our Boots
ZIPPERS - Now as Inventive Edge Treatment: tracing ruffles on our Shift Dress, Tank and Miniskirt, defining the shapes of our Platform Ankle Boots 
BOLD COLORS- Pairing fashions most graphic and energetic color combination: Black and Pink.

LE Brand: Exclusive Rights to the Future of Fashion"

With only 100-350 editions of each item the collection proved a massive hit, managing to sell out in less than 24 hours. Ecstatic about this news Stardoll got to work on their second collection. On February 11th 2009, three months after the first edition, Stardoll released the 2nd season of LE, often penned as the 'Hearts Collection' or 'Denim Collection'. 

This collection expanded to 2 floors with items holding up to 600 pieces. This edition was once again a storming success and flew off the shelves on the day of release, excluding a few items that sold out on the 12th, one day later. Although not quite as graphically 'top notch' as the first season, the second collection still had a beautiful array of items, with the rarest item (Cupid Dress/150 pieces) now costing thousands and thousands of stardollars. 

The third collection was released on April 16th 2009 and was once again 2 floors. It was a very Spring inspired collections that Stardoll deemed as very vibrant, floral and hippy chic. The collection once again sold out in a mere few days. It was a very beautiful collection and in my personal opinion, I think all three of the first LE collections rank equally. 

They truly marked what LE's original concept was and provided stunning, on trend items, at high prices, and at very limited numbers. They focused on quality rather than quantity and Stardoll made sure that LE would be a success. Now that Stardoll is primarily focused on business LE has went down the drain as they realised many members would buy anything they release from the brand. I for one really miss when these collections would sell out in 2 days, with the most recent edition taking over one month to fully go.

I could continue to rant on and on about how LE has sadly diminished into yet another boring and tacky brand on Stardoll, but I will leave you on a high note about the three beautiful first collections. Nearly all items from these first three releases from LE fetch more than 1000 stardollars in the starbazaar now. What is your favourite season from Limited Edition? 


  1. I believe that because of the wide array of fashion stores Stardoll is trying to incorporate to their Starplaza, that they cannot allocate enough of their resources towards each and every store. Which, in turn, shows in all the other shops as well, you can see some great pieces, and others that even amateur graphic designers can do better!

  2. I totally agree Maggie. Honestly, I would prefer if there was less stores, less new items but all of a higher quality.

  3. The current LE collections suck so bad -.-

  4. At first, I just bought the accessories, as that was all I could afford. Now, I buy what I like. Nothing more. I adore LE for the most part.