Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Treasures

Hello fashionistas,

My last "Vintage Treasures" post seemed to return quite a bit of positive feedback, so would you all enjoy a (possible) weekly post on vintage I have scoured online? Please comment about whether you'd enjoy that or not, and if not, I promise I will not take up any more space on your monitors with vintage posts!

This week's vintage treasure is not exactly a vintage piece itself, but more "inspired" by vintage, but I find it very adorable and very perfect for spring. It's pastel, for one, a spring must- and it's got a kind of Wild West cowgirl feeling mixed with a downtown girl vibe. AND, lastly, it has ombre, which if you didn't know, I am a real sucker for.

Cowgirl fringe ombre shorts, $150

What do you think? Fashionable or a faux-pas?


  1. My style is definitely quirky enough for me to incorporate this into my wardrobe! I need to get it xD

  2. maybe if they were a different colour but the fringe looks slightly awkward

  3. I like them. They'd be challenging but I'm sure they could look really good.

  4. It's an interesting piece but I don't think I'd ever wear it.