Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekly Hot Buys 4: Retro

Welcome back to the fourth installment of the Weekly Hot Buys reviews! A few things to remember while reading this, the first being that I was in a pretty good mood because Florence + the Machine had come on Pandora at the exact moment I decided to check out the Starplaza for this week's latest release, and my mom had just arrived with a huge case of Vitamin Water. The second being that, for these reasons alone, I was able to stomach this week's Hot Buys and charge through with equally uncharacteristic vivacity.

No, but seriously, this meme pretty much summed up my initial reaction.

I have to admit, I was rather confused by this week's odd theme. I pegged it as "retro" in the title, hoping it was somewhat accurate.

Here's a picture of the collection (courtesy of the Starplaza... and yes, this is another print-screened image. Sorry about that, but I don't get the ads anymore; not quite sure why. Once I figure that out, the picture quality should hopefully improve, haha).

So we'll begin with the Brooch Jacket, and I'm not quite sure I even know how to begin with this one. The overall design and pattern really threw me off. I think the color is nice, but the random, unidentifiable objects stitched into it were quite unflattering. However, I do enjoy the craftsmanship on the pearl buttons and the collar, but it certainly isn't worth the 16 Stardollars that they're charging for it.

The Mirror Skirt was another piece that I wasn't too fond of. The cut, length and color were actually rather nice, however I didn't like the reflective polka-dots sewn into the fabric. It just screamed, "shower curtain" to me.

I believe that in every Hot Buys collection, there's always one piece that you really can't mess up, and in this week's release, it was the Checkerboard Tights. Classic and versatile, these tights could be paired with several different colors and styles, but I feel that the best use for them would be in a kitschy / vintage theme. They really are quite nice, and the craftsmanship is lovely, especially in regards to the reflection of light off the surface, as well as the shading. 

The Medallion Clutch, however, was not nearly as nice. It reminded me of the glasses case I used to have for my thin, wire-frame glasses in the 5th grade, and the seatbelt-buckle strap only made it worse. The shading on the metal adjustment clasps were nice enough, however it wasn't enough to pull this accessory through to a passing grade.

The Beaded Heels caught my attention, that is, until I took a closer look at the overall composition. Sure, the craftsmanship was nice in regards to the heel and the strap, but the rumpled, pink fabric and sewn-in black and white beads really didn't belong there. Maybe if someone took an iron to the heavy, thick-looking fabric, or if the oddly out-of-place beading were taken out, it would be worth spending 7 Stardollars. 

Overall, this collection scored an F

I really didn't like this theme (and my opinion may not be yours), but I'm still on the edge of my seat to see what's on for next week! I would really love to see a 50's revival. God, I love the 50's; halter necks, big hair, poodle skirts, the whole nine yards! Well, a girl can dream, can't she? 

And on that note, I'll be seeing you all next week! Ciao! 


  1. I love reading these. This week I only liked the skirt and tights. At the moment, I'm unsure of the top.

  2. Hmmm.. None of this is really worth getting.

  3. Stardoll HB have been a distaster for like half a year. And these were just terrible to my opninion.

  4. @_StarHelen_ Totally agree. I've pretty much given up all hope of them ever making Hot Buys like they used to. I miss those Hot Buys.

    @iswim19 Spending 16 Stardollars on a jacket that's the equivalent of a 1st grade macaroni necklace really isn't worth it, for sure.

  5. Lmao Vivian you're so right. It looks like macaroni styled necklace pieces have been stuck onto the top.