Friday, April 12, 2013

A Fashion Thought

Logos, patterns, colors... Every fashion house has it own codes, but what's the most important for you to wear? Are you the type to show of your money drowned in endless logos from designer brands? Or do you prefer to stay neutral and wear clothes that you like?

Logo's everywhere
There's a kind of woman who loves to show her money. We don't who she is, we don't know the reason she's so rich, but she needs to show it.

You can see her in the streets wearing a Chanel top with the famous logo, a Louis Vuitton bag of course, a Burberry trench showing the pattern and why not some Louboutins with the red sole. Most of the time these women are wearing fakes actually, because rich people like this don't tend to parade around in the streets! The point is, even if it's fake or not and even if we imagine a woman really wearing this, isn't that too much? I don't think it's ever interesting to look like that because when people look at you they get lost by the endless stamps of brands written all over you.

Don't call my name
The opposite woman is actually really pure and doesn't think of having all the remarkable items from the top brands. She has banned all big logos or patterns and just choose the most discrete ones. Not even the name of the brand can be seen, which means no Céline or Givenchy bags! Mulberry is more appropriate. The fact a woman can already buy Jean-Paul Gaultier doesn't me she'll buy a marinière. She doesn't care about the designers, her point is to have quality clothes and she doesn't care about any luxury brand that has a show at the Fashion Week.

The middle
The right middle between these is to actually wear whatever you want without remarkable logos or pattern, but just add one article (mostly accessories) to your look. LV bag, Louboutin, Hermès scarf, you'll have to choose. There is the challenge, there comes the style and where you, and only you can stamp your personal style on an outfit.

I prefer to be the middle, I think it's what makes fashion intelligent, to choose the right things to wear and being able to mix different clothes and brands. I'm sure you've already seen these types of people in these fashions, but what category would you put yourself in?

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  1. im the middle
    i like mixing high street with designer :)

  2. Well, with trousers, tops and some dresses; there is no point buying the real brand as most high street chains just recreate the same garment, for like 20% less. Although something that is fine is buying designer coats. When you browser online, all you see is these luxury coats in high street stores, but once you try them on and feel fabric, they feel cheap, so I find it acceptable to buy designer coats, because it will last you a long time and it will never go out of style. Personal Opinion.

  3. I don't really splurge that much on designers however I love handbags as I'd much rather spend a lot and always have it then a cheap one and it wont last

  4. i cant really afford designers but high street always make cheaper versions so its all good