Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fashion Battle, LE Spring

Alongside a Limited Edition review I decided to publish a battle of sorts between all the Spring releases of the collections. I'm not going to type out a lengthy introduction because all will be explained throughout the whole post. To summarise in a sentence however, this post will be a 'fashion battle' between all the Spring LE releases to discover which collection is best. I will probably continue to do this for the summer, fall and winter editions too.

A Stardoll advertisement for the store

The first spring edition of Limited Edition was released in the April of 2009. Prices ranged from 25 to 250 stardollars with all items having less than 1000 pieces. This was one of my favourite store layouts because Stardoll didn't try and turn it into another item to make money from. It looked like a real store backdrop and it really fit with the collection itself. The quality of the graphics were exceptional and the colours perfect for Spring.

The next Spring collection came out in the March of 2010, 11 months after the first. It was another lovely collection with cheaper prices this time around, due to the increasing amount of members playing  on Stardoll. This is another of my favourite store backgrounds as it looks very simple but cutesy with the adorable flowers printed across the floor.

My personal favourite floor from the 6th collection

I especially loved the colours of this collection and the colour themed floors. This collection was actually considered very mediocre at the time of release but looking back at the 4 floors now it is easy to appreciate the many beautiful items. The rarest items from the collection are the paper bag skirt, nude bag and Chanel coat. This was one of the first collections I had saved up hundreds of Stardollars for but I happened to be on holiday at the time of release. I came back only 2 days later and it was completely sold out aside from two items, which were both down to about 25 pieces left. I think this shows how quick, beautiful and truly limited the older collections were.

The next collection, which was the 10th, was released in April 2011. It was a crazy neon edition and I have a feeling that this was where Stardoll's complete obsession with neon colours began. It wasn't the best quality comparing to the first 9, however it was still reasonable with a few stand out pieces.

One of the two floors of 10th season LE

I think that this was one of the first collections where Stardoll really experimented with neon and although it definitely was not close to my personal taste it still managed to sell out reasonably quick, in a matter of around 4 days. I also feel that this was the first LE where graphics in many pieces could actually be described as bad. In all seasons before the collections had a few average pieces but season 10 had some very poor pieces, graphic wise and in general. The look of the store was very pretty however and there was only 2 floors, which made the store a lot less cluttered and full, making it easier to browse through the clothes.

The LE spring 2012 advertisement 

The 13th LE and 4th Spring edition of LE was released in March 2012. The graphics this season were poor comparing to previous older seasons but were stronger than those from the previous collection. This edition had some wonderful pieces and many tacky Monster High looking pieces with very simplistic shading throughout. This collection did have a few strong pieces with very good shading but most lacked the attention required to get the sought after LE graphic touch. This LE took longer to sell out than the previous Spring edition, taking a good few weeks. The backdrop for the floors was inspired by a Chanel runway background and although I did like it, I would have preferred it in a proper store layout.

The most recent season of LE and the 16th in total was released in early April 2013. It was very street style and on a while didn't seem very Limited Edition. LE used to be the opposite of street style so it was a slightly odd direction to spin off into. Although this collection was average, it was still far better than the previous two collections and had some very good items. I bought 16 items, that on a whole I thought were of very high quality. Sadly however there was only 20 items at most that were quite good, with 66 items in the store in total.

The advertisement used by Stardoll for LE Spring 2013

Overall, it's been quite sad to see the quality of LE decreasing over the seasons. The first LE Spring collection is easily the best and the last three do not even compare to the first two. I hope to see a real spring collection next time around showing real spring trends. I wish for LE to become again what it originally was with trendy, good quality, limited and expensive clothing although it seems right now we can only hope.

What was your favourite LE Spring edition?


  1. Personally, I prefer 6th season! Good post :)

  2. I remember saving up enough stardollars to buy the whole 6th collection of LE, thought I didn't like it that much, I still got them all. I think it costed me about 4000-5000 sd aprox. (Back then when I used VampLady acc)

  3. This collection released by LE a few days ago had a lot of stuff from Dsquared2, which was kind of a miss in my opinion. I think that the graphic designers on Stardoll have basically given up haha.

  4. LE was so tacky... And this just proves how LE keeps getting tackier. It's really sad.

  5. I don't think I have one favourite collection, I tend to just like lots of different pieces =)

    Like there's always things that I don't like - if there's ever a collection where I like every piece, it can be my favourite =)