Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Escape Magazine, Review

Dear readers,

Why wait? With so many new magazines on the market, why wait until SATURDAY? I know Mondays are always so dreary, so here's a new review to make your day a little better... I know my Monday was long and monogamous... Why should Saturdays always have the fun? Escape Magazine is a hot new magazine making a splash in the Stardoll pool, and of course here at TTT we simply cannot resist a delicious new issue! As always, remember, instead of using page numbers, I use brackets, for example the cover is [1/22]. This magazine contains 22 pages.

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Graphic Design: 7/10 It's clear the graphics in this magazine are relatively high caliber and well done, especially for the premiere issue. However, though the shading is quite impressive on the cover, parts of the magazine lacks depth [6-7/22], but much of it is very good.

Fashion Editorial: 8.5/10 I'm very impressed that Escape has created an obvious theme from the cover to all through the editorial [11-21/22]. From the little white dress (quite original, too, and very smart and beautiful especially with how white is a great Springtime color). From bandeaus, which are most definitely an amazing Spring trend this year, to skater skirts, smart blazers, and tailored pants, Escape has hit the proverbial Spring fashion nose. I only have two objections: though the theme is good, there is simply too much white- it almost is hard on the eyes, and there is no explanation about why Escape believes white is so trendy for this season's fashion.

Trends Shown: 9/10 Of course, Escape has been fantastic on Spring fashion, as I already partially covered online. Again, I would very much enjoy some pointers on this trend, such as how to wear it, which designers are selling these, why they are popular, who wears it, etc etc. I love the patterns, and slinky day to night dresses, jumpsuits, and bandeaus/skater skirt combinations.

Creativity: 7/10 Some of the trends have often been shown, such as skater skirts, but there are hints of originality, such as I have never seen so much white before! I like that there are special pockets of writing such as the Stardoll user interview [4-5/22] and the Don Lee biography and fashion designs [8-10/22].

Writing Style: 6/10 The writing is pretty good, and relatively original for a premiere issue, however tougher standards would be imposed on the next issue. I suppose I am being relatively easy on this magazine since it is a new publication, however it should be improved on and a few hard hitting articles never go wrong in my mind, anyways.

How did this magazine score?
37.5 out of 50 points, at 75% or C

My Final Comments: Escape has gotten off to a good start, but of course, could have improvements. No magazine is perfect. Everything is a piece of art that is slowly developed and obviously takes time to reach mastery, and even at mastery level, is continually a work in progress. Escape needs work, particularly in working on seamless graphics, shading, and adding articles, however, mostly, it has no problems. Keep up the good work... And of course the trends and the originality.

What's actually on Saturday... TRENDY MAGAZINE ISSUE 3.


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  2. It did better than I expected. A very promising magazine though!

  3. I expected like a D but wow thank you so much! I appreciate the critique and I hope that Escape will get at least a B for the summer issue ;)

  4. You should review some magazines of the past, like Fierce, Femme, Eternity, Toxic etc

  5. Omg I'm afraid of trendy :| hahaha