Thursday, April 4, 2013


The sixteenth collection of Limited Edition was released today with prices ranging from 32 to 175 stardollars. I'm not too fond of the random pricing as I much prefer when the numbers end as a multiple of 5. I think prices like 63, 32 and 168 all look a bit random. The store itself is reasonably nice with a good range of items. There is also quite a range in quality with some incredible pieces and some things that could have came from Velvet Orchid. Overall however this is quite a good collection and there are definitely quite a few nice staple pieces I would recommend.

I will publish a full review along with my purchases later on in the week. 
What did you think of the collection?


  1. I can only agree, some pieces are well done and have a high graphic level while others are not their best work. Though this collection is better than the last one (my opinion).
    x x x

  2. better than the last few with a few really nice pieces

    the accessories were the highlight

  3. I'm surprised you aren't screaming your love for THE BLACK JACKETS!!! :D
    Then, YES, I bought some! :P

  4. I ended up purchasing the whole collection.

  5. I broughtan Orange half top at 50 stardollars! Hurry they are going!! - Donty123