Friday, April 12, 2013

The One Who Wore Chanel...

Over the past week, I was faced with technical problems with my internet provider, which unfortunately cased me to delay the publishing of this post, but thankfully everything is working fine. 

Rosie Huntington Whiteley attended the
Chanel Pre-Oscar Party, wearing the hosts
entire outfit. 
Miley Cyrus attended the Ryan Seacrest
Foundation wearing a Chanel Jumpsuit
with a gold chocker.  
Last week, I found myself watching the always hilarious 'Fashion Police', hosted by Joan Rivers. Miley Cyrus was featured in the 'Must See Looks of the Week', and I thought to myself, "oh my". Honestly, I wasn't a fan of Miley's whole ensemble - I wasn't too sure if it was the hideous hair (sorry Miley fans!), the make-up she was lipping  or the incredibly tacky golden chocker; I just thought to myself it was all little too 'trampy'. Although, I must give Cyrus credit for how much of a fashionista she is growing into, but unfortunately, this wasn't her "must see look". 

After viewing Chanel's Spring/Summer 2013 show for the, well... lets say viewing it again; but seeing the look on the runway, I knew I seen this jumpsuit on someone before Miley, and yes, I was once again correct. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore the exact same Chanel jumpsuit at a Pre-Oscar Dinner hosted by the brand itself. But I must say, Rosie most certainty pulled the look better. Rosie teamed the jumpsuit with the classic pearl necklace & a Chanel black clutch. In my opinion, Rosie's make-up was less intense in comparison to Miley's clown-like red lip, giving Rosie a classic Hollywood Look.

So, there you have it - you don't beat a supermodel like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. As for Miley; better 'look' next time? Bye for now, Eamonn Collins. aka. FashionnGirl.


  1. I much prefer Rosie... If it was to debate about Miley's change, I simple dislike it, but it's my opinion.

  2. I honestly think there's so much more that could be done with the jumpsuit. As said on Fashion Police, Miley looks kind of circusy. I guess Miley's look is fine but I much prefer Rosie's take on the jumpsuit.

  3. It's easy to say Rosie wore it better because a) she's a model and b) Miley's an easy target. However, I don't like either of the necklaces: Miley's isn't tacky, it's on the wrong person; Rosie's pearls are a tad too long for my taste. Personally, I just think that jumpsuit was made for someone with a model-esque stature.

    1. How does the jumpsuit not looking good make miley an easy target?

  4. Nice to see you writing on here!! I don't Miley looked tacky, but it just didn't look... right. Not her style.