Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trendy Magazine: 3rd Issue Review

As promised, Trendy's 3rd Issue's Review is coming in your direction! Trendy is a magazine I have personally watched grow in front of my eyes, and have reviewed every single one of its issues so far on TTT. The past two times Trendy has received a 75%, or a C. Hopefully this time Trendy will score higher. As usual, instead of using page numbers, I use brackets, for example the cover of this magazine is [1/30]. This magazine has 30 pages.

Click HERE to follow along with my review of Trendy Issue 3.

Graphic Design: 9.5/10 Trendy graphics have really, really, REALLY improved. The change is phenomenal, and just shows how far this magazine has come in such a short period of time. It is clear from the gorgeous dresses and and cheekbone shading [5/30] that Trendy has come really far. The layout is great and absolutely stunning. The shading is clearly well done from the nice ombre to the cute spring trends [14/30] and the edgy uptown trends [15/30], to the EXCEPTIONAL Gaga graphic [19/30] where the graphic designer plays with becoming more 3-D. Really great work!

Fashion Editorial: 6/10 There's one huge takeaway from the fashion editorial that disappoints me that Trendy has not added to its magazine content. And that's a theme, a big one. Though the editorial is kind of black and white vs. tropical colors, it does not make much sense similarity wise [13-17/30]. The fashion is great and very relevant for the season, but again, they do not go together well, nor do not make sense in comparison to the "theme" that should be set by the cover.

Trends Shown: 9/10 Loving the different seasonal trends, one especially being "vibrant colors" [9/30]. The descriptions are absolutely fantastic, yet, the trends are not very similar, unfortunately. I love the heels, the vibrant spring/summer colors, and the black and white patterns, of course [9-12/30].

Creativity: 7/10 Most of the magazine is not very original, unfortunately, and major points off for it. What I did like about the creativity, though, was the Stardoll user design upcoming fashion brands [28-29/30]. I think its a wonderful way to promote how important user based fashion design is to Stardoll.

Writing Style: 6/10 Again, WHAT WRITING? The only thing that could slightly signify as an article would be the Marc Jacobs article [5-7/30], but even that, is mainly autobiographical. Major points off.

How did this magazine score?
37.5 out of 50, at 75% or C

My Final Comments: Unfortunately, Trendy has not gone up in score. A lot of this has to do with the magazine not improving in key areas where they are losing most of the points. The lower score areas are areas that could be easily improved upon, but are not. This is disappointing, of course, and I hope the editors will take this into consideration next time around.



  1. It's improved a lot however I must agree, the vital points you shown that it needs to improve on, it hasn't

  2. I think the graphics shouldn't have gained that high of a rating. I personally thought the hair was too i-dressup-ee and the skin shading was blurry (especially the highlighting)...

    1. None of the hair was taken from i-dressup, roiworld or something

    2. well then I suppose a congratulations is in order :) I-dressup hair have a quality that appears one of more than a few months of graphic knowledge.

    3. idk the hair really looks like I-dressup or something like that, maybe she just revamp the hair? oh well if she say so.....

  3. Wow, well, Thank you so much for your critic, we tried to improve in graphics and I'm not satisfied a lot with 3rd issue, I wish 4th will be better but it's nice to hear you like it! And yeah, I had a meeting with Trendy team and we decided we'll be getting some new writers to put some articles on the upcoming issues, also we'll be starring a new concept in the magazine, I promise you 4th issue will be fully renovated :)

    1. I absolutely love this magazine even with its small flaws. I am looking forward to the next issue. :)